And it DON’T STOP…

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on March 25, 2015 at 8:21 am

Its Party TimeWatching my 17-year old daughter grow up, travel with me, relate with me, weigh in with me, and even begin with me has been a beautiful experience and especially over the last 2-weeks [Spring Break]. 2015 is  a big year for us, besides me loving the number 15, this is my daughters high school graduation year. This will also be the year that she enters into college and my domestic nest will be lighter. Yep! That’s it. I’m a kid again.


I had the babies and raised the babies –
good God it’s time to pamper the lady!

It’s time for me and my HS beau to approach the ramp
that we diverted from to raise a camp.


The camp is raised and we’ve armed them with the knowledge
that they will need to make it through college.

They are well on their way and there’s no debating,
this nest is lighter and needs redecorating.

Oh yeah! I’m one of those Mom’s. I’m moving on.
My agenda is sexy, my attraction is strong.

I love the kids but life is to be copped.
The kids are almost grown And it DON’T STOP!

I started having kids early, HUMP IT — if you’re about to be free too!
I’m Qui
Life is at hand And it DON’T STOP – I’ve got all kinds of stuff I want to do.

Happy Hump Day sweetheart.
Spring is at hand – yielding us a new start.
Take it!

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