Don’t Judge Too Quickly

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement on March 27, 2015 at 6:43 am

Dont be too quick to judgeDon’t Judge Too Quickly why a person does a thing.
Who knows why the bell tolls, or what makes a person ring?

I do not know a thing about the pilot that crashed the German plane.
I do not know if he was in his right mind, peacefully sound or sane.

I am duly doleful for every single life that was lost
and believe that karma survived – the responsible will pay the cost.

I do not know the specifics, so I will not be quick in judgment to yell timber.
Also, Don’t Judge Too Quickly the motives of the SAE member.

Just don’t. He either will or he won’t understand what is at hand.
He is perfectly poised to change the noise – positioned to lead the band.

Life is at hand and must be looked at closely.
I’m in it for the positive networking – mostly.

I’m spectating and playing the observative role.
I’m a people-watching person. I’m a reflection of your soul.

My view? Most are fashioned from the same hue – society is the mold.
From her we have learned what is hot enough to burn and what has gone cold.

Don’t Judge Too Quickly what you yourself have shaped.
We’re all different models though from the same make.

This thing is a give and take and I choose to take this one as a high day!
I’m Qui
Up at the crack of dawn – forfeiting the yawn, I’m excited about another Friday!

Don’t judge — Just live

H A P P Y.

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