News Peruse – A Pastel Blue

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Tom Hanks and Pete Scolari are NOT THE 2 MEN THAT WERE SHOT AT today - trying to enter the NSA campus, but they men were in drag...

Tom Hanks and Pete Scolari are NOT THE 2 MEN THAT WERE SHOT AT today – trying to enter the NSA campus, however the men were in drag.

So here we are alive and well to see another day,
some of us are thinking of work and others about play –

Whichever you’re doing and really either way
the news is at hand and here’s my griot say:

Ted Cruz made his presidential run announcement last week
and he continues to be the topic of discussion as we speak.

Jeb Bush is in the running too, though he hasn’t made it official;
however by the campaigning he’s doing, do we really need a whistle?
It’s pretty official.

This just in: A man dressed as a woman is fatally shot
trying to enter the NSA campus — this is a NOT.

He was dressed as a woman as was his partner riding shot gun.
A life has crossed over in Fort Meade, MD as many other lives begun.

Early reports say it wasn’t a “terroristic” plot, but categorized as “local criminal”.
It’s always terroristic these days — the whole trend is a lingering dismal.

Gunfire rang out and one drag dude made it out alive.
Security found a weapon and drugs in the duo’s ride.

President Obabma, however is on his way to the Kennedy Institute
he’s slated to speak to all who choose not to put him on mute.

Actually he’ll be there “dedicating the new EDWARD M. KENNEDY Institute for the US Senate designed as a museum and a learning center,” says Tamaron Hall.
His last year & a half of administration shows the presidents approval is on the rise instead of being on the fall.
I love the progress that we’re making y’all.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the Iran Deal framework to shape up.
Talks are in Switzerland where Andrea Mitchell was avail to show up.

She said talks are about Irans uranium intentions.
I’m glued to the tube via satellite news mentions.

Andrea says so far, there’s “No real signs of progress.”
So much for smooth framework… and now I digress.

Any who in other news, Indiana Republicans draft new legislation
The Republicans win BIG in losing relations.

The new draft will legalize discrimination
towards the gay population.
#BoycottIndiana is heavily trending in Twitter nation.

Businesses are waiting to see what the state is going to do,
the NCAA said they too are watching, pending their next move.

No one wants to do business in or patronize hate.
Republicans are trying to “slip a little” onto your plate.

God bless the leaders of this obviously smart nation.
ACA is a LAW and still some are stumped on gestation.

Republicans don’t get the ACA to VOTING BOOTH relation.
Folks are singing up for health care and voter ID’s with no hesitation.

Spring is in the air and I love her refreshing views,
thus this NEWS PERUSE was crafted in the calmest of Pastel Blue.

Blue is also the foundation color of the Dallas Cowboys, the Mavericks and the Democrats alike,
I’m Qui
Excited about life, assembling ourselves together and piercing the darkness with light.
Differences make us unique, so I ain’t mad. We’re alright.

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