Living in a constant state of terror – Evolusion

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Whose terrorizing who and does it matter if it’s in-house or abroad? Terror is terror. Either stop it (inflicting it upon others) or stop complaining (when it’s inflicted up on you). I found this piece on youtube and thought this would be a GOOD FRIDAY to share it.

No. There’s no resurrecting (underlying) tone here. Unfortunately this topic has not ever died:

What’s the state of the union today? Peeps look a little paranoid.
We all jump at the slightest thump of “issue banging” noise.

Today is Friday and a Good one, at that
A lot of good still exists and is waiting to be had.

No one should have to live paranoid and always having to watch their backs.
That “fragile unfold” is for our counter folks, but is the norm if you are black.

We handle satellite news better when told a ‘terror is seeking us out.’
You know [abroad] terrors aren’t mad at me. We know what this is about.

When those abroad think of “hate towards the USA,”
even though our CEO is black – they target a much lighter race.

The face of this nation is not black, nor has it ever been.
But when wrath is threatened from abroad – patriotism makes us kin.
Regardless of the color of our skin.

Rising from domestic smoke and debris of wars past – my skin is still black
and as soon as “abroad” terroristic tensions die — society will remind me of that.

The cycle is whack. Knowledge beats confusion.
If you think “abroad terror” is targeted at me — that’s your delusion.

Throwing insightful bones, I hope not to yield you a contusion.
I’m Qui 
living black and been ‘watching my back’ – not living in Evo-lusion.

Unity or bafoonary?
To heart or a farce?

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