In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on April 7, 2015 at 7:55 am
And... I'm always on-the-go

And… I’m always on-the-go

The weekend was full and Phoenix was hot
I was massaging my mind and learning a lot.

I spent the weekend thinking about my future
building new bridges and nurturing sutures.

No. I’ve not been cut, though I am healing up
from lack of production; that mundane stuff

that happened last year, when I was hopelessly
in love with helping others – philanthropy.

And then comes 2015… it’s only April so far
and my production schedule has me looking like a star.

Last year is still near but feels so far.
I used to be a patron… now I own the bar.

And life is beautiful again – I do love Spring
and all of the blooming good that it brings.

I’m avoiding the news and racking up the laughs,
I know perils exist – I am cautious when I pass.

And no matter what I’m faced with or what I’m going through
I’ve got my creative mind, my writes and the company of you.

You make it all worth the while.
I’d look pretty silly standing solo with this smile:


It’s Day 2. of a new week and I’m feeling pretty good,
I’m Qui
And these are the contents of my inner monologue-hood.

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