God Bless SANCHEZ!

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spike-lee-do-the-right-thing-wayLet loose the bags of confetti and get the bells to ringing,
A visitor has shown us the truth and Heaven is singing.

Walter Scott must have been quite the spirit. A real lover of God.
His murder was captured on video – evidence that couldn’t be bought.

His family surely thought a questionable legacy would be jotted down
and that their beloved Walter would be defamed like the young Mike Brown.

But why would Officer Slager, a father to be, decide he’d like to take a life?
Why did Officer Timothy Loehmann decide to pull up and kill Tamir Rice?

Speaking of young Tamir Rice — he was the 12-year old black boy
that was shot in 2014 for playing in the park alone with a gun toy.

It was all caught on video, but the police department rebuked the view.
Evidence is ILL-HANDLED all of the time – the charges, ultimately subdued.

But Walter Scott’s exit has birthed new views, and new news,
Officer Michael T. Slager has been charged and wearing county blues.

The horrible IN YOUR FACE reality of white officers shooting unarmed black men
is quite the evil storyline and indeed needs to come to an end.

Black people aren’t up in arms today. Today their spirits are at rest
because the murdering cop is under lock. God Bless the bystander SANCHEZ.

A courageous Dominican Republican man – he was shocked at what he had seen.
He was on his way to work when Walter Scott was killed on the green.

divider blk_south

It appeared he was running from the cop
The cop asked him to stop
The cop tasered Walt
Then fired 8 bullets to insure the halt.


This — behind a traffic stop. This was caught on tape.
“Necessary Force” laced the reports that the police officers made.

Hm. God Bless Sanchez. The video record was a gut reaction move
Sanchez contemplated not turning it in – fearing retaliation brute.

But Sanchez’ spirit is good, and the lad could not rest
The decision he made was tough, but he did what he thought was best.

At first he took his recording to the cops when the officer assisting him, gave Sanchez the feeling,
that if he had given up his recording — he could be the next police shooting/random killing.

He was freaked out, left the police station and immediately got an attorney.
What an awesomely smart thing to do. He looked up to America, he’s now learning

that we (USA) are not as forthcoming in law or as clean as we want others to think.
In fact Sanchez was pretty disappointed to have to smell Americas unlawful stink.

No rose buds here. He noticed that we stink louder than countries abroad.
Police insist corruption isn’t amidst — then beat minorities like they’re Gods.

I’ve always loved a man in blue. I’ve always given the utmost respect
to those men wearing lawful uniforms with those badges on their chest.

A uniform man looks sexy and when he stands behind protect and peace,
I feel compelled to look out for him — he keeps order in my streets.

I have told my brother to speak to him and befriend him; [to the officer] extend your hand.
My brothers have been gunned down without cause. My brothers are all black men.

What now? They are being hunted and I can not say a word.
God spoke up for us all and the VIDEO has been seen and finally heard.

It’s ugly and I hate it…. for each and every person affected and involved.
Eric Garner’s video failed to convict — This video is from the almighty God.

While this is our current story, I’m still focused on the silver lining at best,
I’m Qui
Supporting the use of civilian body cams and God Bless SANCHEZ!

If Langston Hughes were alive, I fathom to think how’d he verse the day.
With one fist in the air and the other clinched around a pen — Langston Hughes would have his say.
With griot and respect, I accept the charge to record this lay.

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