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Published paper periodicals were printed well in advance to inform all who were interested in Slave Trades to not miss Tuesdays. I am from the great state of Texas, born and raised black — no doubt, a descendant of a slavery. My ancestors were bought, kidnapped and sold again and again to profit landowners who needed laborers to tend to their farms, to raise their children, to cook and clean their homes. Slavery was and still is a nasty word with high parallels to evil. Nothing good has ever come to anyone who thought it was a good idea to own another person’s life.

The word: Nigger washed ashore with those raggedy-ass boats that harbored my ancestors; those rides that took them so far across the ocean for destination Slave Trade. There was a demand for buying foreigners, especially the big ones that appeared to be stronger in physique. Those slaves, in particular, would breed well and keep the farm full of laborers. It was a good idea until President Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865. Slavery remained an alive and thriving business for two more years in the great state of Texas. We are obviously a people who ‘can’t let it go.’ Or can we?

Texas is slated to re-write history and omit the words “SLAVE TRADE”
and replace them with “ATLANTIC TRIANGULAR TRADE.”

Texas is ready to ‘let go‘ of all of the factual mentions of the slave trade that was once so proudly heralded into our textbooks by vetted historians. Why the change of heart? Because today it reads kind of “sickly and inhumane” in and out of context? The memory of those slave trades stink  – doesn’t it? My ancestors died in it. We can’t forget or act like the slave trades were not the beginning of America. We can’t white-it-out.

Okay Texas. Cut it out.
Stop trying to lead the charge of history omission.

Fathoming the reality of our future to paint us as bigots, racists and inhumane people at the start of this great country, is an ugly beginning but it doesn’t have to be our continual narrative.  At some point we really should change — but not just in our textbooks.  Think about it. The rest of the world will not be signing-off onto this “rewrite business” and will tell stories to their children and their children’s children about what great fools the Americans were to think that they would believe a rewrite.

Had it not been for slavery I can’t say I’d be living in the US today. However, if I did choose to live here, it would have been under more optimal circumstances and I’m sure I would have loved it — perhaps even more so than I do today. My birth into this land was made possible via human trafficking and slave trading. In fact, Slave Trade Tuesdays used to be all the rage. Any chance that you caught Django?

divider blk_south

Let’s talk about The Slave Trade and the auctionees who wanted to buy stronger and bigger.
Let’s talk about the pride that went along with purchasing and owning a nigger.

Those bigger, stronger black guys that you bought on SLAVE TRADE TUESDAY
grew strong in generations and scares the ‘life out of you’ today.

Those bigger, stronger black guys that you wanted to ply your fields
are now law abiding, free citizens and the racist [seed in] you can’t deal.

You fought President Lincoln when he tried to “post race” us in 1865
only to approach 2010 trying to invoke a re-write.

Let’s talk about the money that was (and is still) being made in trading a human life.
Let’s remind Texas and those supporting them, that we’re not up for the re-write.

This re-write stuff is no new subject, it has been in play since 2010.
It sounds completely silly now and it sounded completely silly then.

Texas isn’t alone in wanting to re-write what this country has historically done.
Rewriters and their supporters — to the rest of the world, look real dumb.

I laughed until I was numb on the subject of ignorance, as it dangles.
An attempt to rename the SLAVE TRADE as some sort of Atlantic Triangle.

Call it was it was. You were proud of it then, so today – be brave,
I’m Qui
Evidence of yesterdays SLAVES who were TRADED on TUESDAY.

My memory, our history and what is done — will not ever go away,
thus, I am duly recording this lay.

It is history.
I am proof. 

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