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Nobody Knows How I Feel!

In News on May 3, 2015 at 6:09 am

Following the Father

“Nobody knows how I feel!  Nobody understands!  You can’t possibly imagine what it is like to be in my shoes!”

When feeling hopeless and discouraged, these kinds of thoughts can easily come to mind.  A lot like lions hunting gazelle, Satan wants to isolate us from those who would support, encourage and protect us. His efforts begin in our minds where he plants thoughts like these: “No one has every experienced what I have been through.”

So recognize this red flag: When your thoughts begin to isolate you and make you feel all alone, Satan is at work. At the first sign of this red flag waving in your face, begin the redirect in your thinking.

Psalm 42 from today’s One Year Bible reading exemplifies this for us.  First, be honest with God about your feelings. He is not afraid of your authenticity.  “Day and night I have…

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