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How to Reboot YOU

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on May 4, 2015 at 6:22 am

reboot-300x222I know what you’re thinking — “But do I have to shut down?
Perhaps and it’s okay to wear the #SelfPreservation crown.

You preserve your residence by caring for your home inside and out.
You care for your smart phone data with external hd’s and backing it up to the cloud.

You take good care of your vehicle, inspections and checkups are always made.
You take care of the kids and lurking obstacles, hid – but what about you, today?

Did the computer freeze up? Apps seem to have gone awry?
Reboot first, before your brain is fried.

Save yourself the time of delving into hack level troubleshoots
by trying the easiest choice: sign out and reboot.

Often times if you’ll wait a few minutes before powering up your device
you will find all has smoothed itself out and all is alright.

That’s a lot like life. Sometimes it can become staccato,
perhaps yielding a feeling of more STOPs than GOs.

Enough with the whoas, turn off your phone and social media unplug,
you are operating in a mundane mode and it’s filled with destructive bugs.


Step in front of a mirror and give yourself a BIG hug.
You’ve been neglecting yourself. Its time to be a “self preserve” thug.

Steal a little time away just for YOU.
Take as much time as you need to reboot.

Social media will bait and wait, your cell phone holds voicemail,
the people that love you will still be there – all others can go to hell.

It’s all about you.
Meditate for a breakthrough.

It’s okay to reboot.
Don’t get lost in the groove,
take the headlines – stick and move.
Self preservation is all about you.

Good morning family — so what’cha gone do?
I’m Qui
And this is your griot word on How to Reboot YOU.