Sprinkling a little FLOWER

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on May 10, 2015 at 8:43 am


Happy Mothers Day Mom, sisters, cousins and that newly gifted lady.
Happy Mothers Day as well, to the lady who’s not YET birthed a baby:

divider blk_south

You are so very important, you have not only baby-sat many,
but when it comes to yielding encouragement and love, you give ’em plenty.

To the miscarriage mom whose arms are empty, I’ve been there too.
With love in your heart YOU WILL LIVE the part, so Happy Mothers Day to you.

You will produce.
Stand fast like Sarah and your Isaac will come through.
I KNOW this to be TRUE.

Married or not, MOM you are still hot!
All that is GOOD, from you I got.

Dad played his part. Dad has his say;
I’ll highlight him in June — today is YOUR DAY.

Happy Mothers Day to you, you are indeed the best,
if it weren’t for your maternal wisdoms, we’d all be a mess!

Happy Mothers Day Oprah, Barbara Walters and all of the likes,
who forfeited laying on the table, but have birthed new & good life.

Life is to be had. Live BIG like there’s no other,
I’m Qui
Maternally loving all – I, too, am a HAPPY MOTHER!


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