Apples to Oranges and/or Androids

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apples-oranges-androidsIt’s exactly like comparing two fruits, they are both delicious and nutritional in value, but they are definitely not the same. My 17-year old daughter, Dakota is responsible for this topic write-up, so she’s getting co-producer credits today. During one of our “girl time” errand runs yesterday, she started on a rant about Apple users and Android users and group text messages. Her specific was regarding the small number of her friends that are constantly left out of the loop because they have android phones and no one wants to mess up the smooth delivery vibe by adding them.
Her experience (and mine too) is that by adding an android user in your iMessage group text it almost always hinders the text delivery system, causing at least one if not several persons to not receive the text thus rendering chaos in the group text and ultimately leaving many people “out of the social know,” of their ‘oh so necessary’ info drops. A teens nightmare!

Even though Apple Stores and the Genius Bar is so 2.5-years past cool and on a steep downward slope, the Apple iPhone seems to still be cool. I visited the Apple Store in Chandler Fashion Mall last month and the smell of Bengay and warm breath was overwhelming. The majority of the patrons were well over 65 (which isn’t bad, but not exactly the ‘hip crowd I was used to mingling with when I stop by), and the Apple store employees were plentiful in bodies, but very few were helpful. I spoke to two employees wearing (WalMart) blue t-shirts and they both pointed to one guy standing in the center of the store surrounded by people who needed help. It looked like he was holding an auction. Needless to say he was too busy to help me and my new (fickle) iPhone 6 is still not operating as smooth as a new phone purchase should. Irregardless, I’m not interested in going back to that store; it was horrible experience and the stores appearance looked so third world. However, upon exiting the Apple store, the sun started to shining again as the breezeways were filled with happy teens spending their hard earned money, (or their parents) on the trends of the day. No matter what shops they went in and out of, or how many avoided the Apple store like the plague, most of the teens were iPhone 5S and 6Plus carriers. How do I know? I literally sat in the breezeway and counted them as they passed by while I was attempting to wait-out the auction process going on inside of the Apple Store.

It’s kind of mind boggling. I mean, how is the iPhone still so popular but the support (device and customer service) system is failing?

Apple Store REVIEW - Qui

History. Apple is notorious today for encompassing a recognizable history. I have so many Apple products that have expired their shelf life, from phones to computers, to software – Apple seems to be quite okay with if not proud of moving on to new generations and leaving old ones to fend for themselves, in hopes that users will get tired of being outdated and will opt to buy a new Apple product. So far Apple has been correct and new/upgraded purchases are still happening daily. But Why? For this hard mind bender, I went to the teen social guru Dakota and she said,

“Apple is more trendy, it’s still the trusted name brand that celebs carry. Likely because it has a uniformed user menu that works across generations and it’s simple, sleek and clean in design. Apple iPhone is equivalent to windows – everyone knows how to use windows.”

Good analogy. I remember being a die hard windows user and then I moved to the MacBookPro and started doing heavy film editing. I had every intention on using my Dell for document purposes, as it utilizes windows, however, it wasn’t long before I was using my Mac for everything, (right after I downloaded Windows). lol! I never thought of my Apple products as being trendy or ever even considered that I was a part of the “in crowd.” I just purchased my new iPhone 6 in February. I researched the androids, Samsung’s in particular and well, it just didn’t happen. I felt defeated on “change.” I shared with Dakota just how interested I was in getting to know the android and had hoped to purchase one and she said,

“The Android? Who’s using that? Not Bey, not Jay, Kanye nor the Kardashians are with the android. They’re trendily sporting iPhones.”

Are Android carriers less savvy? They’re certainly likely to be left out of the loop and out of most group texts (especially if the text originator uses an Apple). There are so many different androids on the market that there’s no universal menu system across android generations. No one knows how to “generally work” most androids because there are so many different brands that use the android operating system. For me, it was so unfamiliar lost interest while perusing before purchasing. My guy has a Samsung S5, he purchased it around Christmas. He tried to encourage me and share his device with me and tell me about the pro’s of touch-device data sharing – a feature that we’d be able to use to share pics and videos. I love sharing data with him, but I wasn’t sold on that awesome feature, alone. He’s a savvy guy, but definitely a nerd and well, at present, he’s not very trendy among the teens who by far are becoming the largest group of consumer shoppers in the USA. But teens are not loyal. There’s definitely a pending pedastal for tomorrow’s pop culture phone piece, but it is not present today. Today Apple still looks like the leader in the fruit bowl, because of trendy reasons, but the truth of the matter is, Samsung has some pretty cool features that are to be admired. The internal components, alone, are remarkable and yield all kind of usage. The thing is, nobody really knows how to use it “in general.” As Dakota said before, uniformity seems to be the word of the day. Kudos Apple manufacturers. I see what you’ve done there and now our kids are doing your bidding, unconciously selling your product to friends who want to be in the group-texts of the socially trendy.

divider Abstract

I’m not into being clicky or trendy, but I do love some fruit.
A lot of phones are manufactured, still operating systems equals two.

The kids know what’s up, but I am more informed.
I wanted a new phone piece and Samsung didn’t charm.

iPhone won out the sale on familiarity.
Design and menu recognition worked for me.

My guy called iPhone users simple-minded in the dome
for not yielding change for lolling in a comfort zone.

Fine. I’ll be that. Dequota, myself, her friends and celebs
are simple minded in OS binding and have the best group texts.

So when it comes to comparing devices and drowning out the noise,
I kicked the topic to you of Apples to Oranges and/or Androids.

Which are using? Which do you prefer?
Are you aggravated in group texts when interruptions occur?

Do your “alternative OS friends” dissolve into a blur?
Do you pass down information by placing calls to him or her?

Communication is key and I am Qui by birthright.
I hang out with the youth – they live carefree and light.

I’m not in their group texts, because I’m pretty much for  ‘the lone.’
I pick and choose who to hit up with what – mono texting is my zone.

Apples to Oranges and/or Androids — what is up to your ear?
I’m Qui
and my iPhone 6 is suffering from audio that isn’t dependably clear.

Still, it’s not enough of a reason for me to turn it in.
To even pretend I like “talking on the phone” is for me Qui to commit a sin.

I’m a writer, a texter and though audio is garbled – I’m okay at the moment.
Apple, I love you, so fix my phone, before I go back to saying, “I don’t want it.”

Fruit is fruit, it’s all good and each has great benefits.
Dole, Del Monte, Samsung or Apple — what’s your spend?

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