She’s walking – Time to Emotion check.

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on May 27, 2015 at 11:32 am

The Cupcake Chique & Qui16-years ago my hubby went to a little store called StrideRite and bought the cutest pair of white (hard top) walking shoes. They were the cutest thing. Our daughter was 13-months old and walking, but I didn’t ask for shoes. I asked for the crib be assembled, and for the Winnie The Pooh bedding be put into place, including and especially the rail bumpers. I asked that the Winnie The Pooh wall decals be put up. I even asked for that cute little Pooh lamp to be placed on her night stand – it comforted her through a few late night rain storms, when she couldn’t sleep – but I didn’t ask for walking shoes. Fashion baby shoes with soft soles were fine, I mean, I knew she couldn’t go out bare footed, but it’s something about the attached commitment to buying walking shoes that I didn’t want to sign off on. I knew that once she had walking shoes, she’d be walking out of here for higher learning, dates, and ultimately walking down the aisle and into her own household.
No! I didn’t ask for walking shoes.

I asked my husband to take them back, but he had already made peace with the situation that was LIFE UNFOLDING, he laughed at me and put them onto her feet. That was 16-years ago. It was a joke then. I joked that I didn’t ask for walking shoes, but somewhere deep on the inside — I think I meant it.

16-years have passed since she received her first pair of walking shoes, over the last 4-years she traded them in for running shoes and joined the cross country and track teams. This kid has walked, ran, and sprinted through the last 16-years. I’ve enjoyed every motion, every stride, still consider had she done it soft soled shoes — maybe she wouldn’t have done it so quickly, but then again, she may have orthopedic problems. lol! 🙂 16-years has only felt like a few. I still blame the shoes. However, judging by the way she’s walking into college, I’d have to say those shoes were actually pretty awesome! Look at her form.


I said, “Daddy, don’t do it!” but he bought those darn shoes anyway
and today is the day that she turns a new page and graces the commencement stage.

She and her friends think it’s ‘all the rage,’ but to me, it is a change in progress.
She’ll be in a dorm and fine and the domestic time will be mine, we’ll both survive at best.

Life goes on and we’ll all keep walking
but to her father, I won’t be talking. 🙂

No one asked him to buy those shoes at all.
Now a new life awaits the mini-me, still small.

Without stall she will receive her high school diploma – today,
I’m Qui
Fixing my face, my mind and my attire to see my daughter walk away…

It’s the life we prepped her for, the one she’s been yearning.
Today my high schooler graduates and walks into higher learning.

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