The Haunting of LOU GOSSETT Jr.

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The Haunting Of Louis Gossett Jr.

My goodness did you see who Kim Russo met up with just the other day?
It was Louis Gosset Jr. and child, he had a lot to say.

I mean, Hey-eyy! He’s still looking good
though his concerns were more with the supernatural hood.

Something happen to Lou while shooting a film, based in truths frame,
about a guy being killed, and an innocent man taking the blame.
The film was shot near the sugar canes.

The year was 1987 and the film was called GATHERING OF OLD MEN.
Lou was residing in a hotel near the sugar can fields with other crew and friends.

However one night whilst he was sleeping and sound
3-5 male spirits (one in chains) at his footboard, did gather ’round.

They seemed to be yelling at him and he felt them pulling at his arms and feet,
Then his great grandma’s spirit appeared with authority and ushered them off of the scene.

Lou always wondered ‘what did it mean‘ and ‘why did it happen to him?
This was his sole reason for hooking up the psychic detective, Kim.

Kim showed up at the Louisiana sugar canes
and measured the energy: anxious and one in chains.

It seemed many years ago and on that land
there was a riot of some sort betwixt a band of black men.

Lou Gosset Jr. was there in 1987 to film show
and the commonalities betwixt art and life blended like whoa.

divider blk_south

Kim’s team revealed that history does recall
that in an earlier day, a life did fall
and an innocent man did indeed take the blame
and the outcome of the situation was mortality lame.

Meanwhile, in the cinematic piece that Lou was filming
he played the part of an innocent man in a very comparable feeling.

Based off of truth — some details were changed
still parallels were so strong that they somehow blurred lanes.

Kim gave Lou’s account ‘gut thought,’ and confirmed
this situation is a moment from which he was to learn.

she explained,
The men in spirit that showed up at Lou’s footboard
were there to deter him from a mistake that he couldn’t afford.

History was stained with blood and kept fresh in time
with what happened to the man that did that – last time.

The innocent man who confessed back in the day,
lost his life for peace’s sake.

The free men that showed up including one in chains
were there to convince Lou not to do the same.

Believe it or not,” says Kim, but ‘spirit was confused…
they didn’t recognize this was just a role and that your craft was in use.’

Kudos to you, Lou Gossett Jr., for getting lost in the role,
this explained why great grandma showed up and told the ‘men of the past’ to go.

This was a pretty rad episode. I enjoyed the revelations of the journey therein,
I’m Qui
a griot she – giving The Haunting Of another literal spin.

It’s too interesting not to choose it –
Lou’s account hooked me and made me do it.

Watch the FULL EPISODE Here.

Lou Gossett Jr. 2015

  1. I’ve always loved Louis Gosset Jr.’s work.

  2. What parish did this happen in? I live close to many old plantation homes. Many sugar cane fields still are active today. Just very interested in the story, would like more info on the area this happend in.

    Connie Clouatre

    • Hi Connie! I don’t know which sugar cane field the film was inspired from, but the film, A GATHERING OF OLD MEN was shot in Thibodaux, Louisiana per their IMDB page: So it’s highly likely Louis Gossett Jr had the paranormal experience in Thibodaux. I hope that helps, geographically. 🙂

  3. I am not saying the story was false, but Sugar cane fields DO stink. When harvest comes, mice and rats become homeless, relicating to nearby barns and homes. Bagas also permeates the air annually for a season. Can anyone describe that smell?

  4. I lived in Thibodaux for 3 years…..surrounded by sugar cane fields. Nicholls State University is located on a former sugar cane field.

  5. In 1983, I lived in Thibodaux near that hotel……surrounded by sugar cane fields. Nicholls State University is located on a former sugar cane field.

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