In News on June 21, 2015 at 2:44 am

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No RegretsSo we all get older. If you’re born today, you’ll be older tomorrow. It’s simple. I get it. So if we’re going to get old with everyday that we live, I suggest we LIVE IT UP!

Viva No Regrets!

Science spends good money on researching the road to the fountain of youth. I say, “the road”, because the fountain of youth has eluded us for years. We know not where it is, however, whilst we look, we have found some great cellulite reducing and eye wrinkle creams. Still, no fountain of youth in sight yet, the cellulite and eye wrinkles can still be seen. Funny thing, life is.

In my mid week social media perusing, I found a list of 37 things you’ll regret when you get older. Humored by the catchy tag line, I bit. I clicked the link and well, I quickly found myself agreeing with the…

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