Mondays Mental Massage

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on June 22, 2015 at 3:18 pm

HappyHourTalk to me like a man TED.” No, I’m not talking to the teddy bear with the cute longneck in his hand, but more to Tony Porter who gave an awesome speech at TED: WOMEN.

How was your FATHERS DAY weekend? My father lives out of state, so I was solely focused on my mate – which was awesome, because he’s a fantastic guy. I actually learn a lot from him and about him during our quieter moments. His methodology, his mode of process, his posture speaks volumes. Though sometimes I wonder if he’s even thinking anything at all. That guy o’ mine! 🙂 I admit I have asked him before – out of no where, “Honey, what’s on your mind?,” and his response was, “Nothing.” I accepted it, but didn’t believe it for one second. He’s a guy who handles great responsibility with ease – I have learned so much from him. What on earth can he gain from thinking nothing? I’m always thinking, reading and learning something new and then I created a blog…

Today is a good day for a little empowerment and attending a TED seminar would rank high up there if you’re a consumer of knowledge and forecasts. I am. Bring it on! So today found me web surfing, looking for something GOOD to read, inhale, exhale and talk about, that’s when I ran into a video on 50’s Blog and it showcased Tony Porter. Brief research yielded me little more than inspirational links to Tony Porter, but I did notice a few connective links to SC and the name “Tony Porter”, which is interesting in itself with what happened out there last Wednesday. If anyone is going to need inspiration today, it’s going to be our friends and family in SC.  So, Talk to us TED. Give us something to chew on…


Mondays Mental Massage is kind of a necessary
Life is real and hits hard like steel; it can be scary.

Nobody was born knowing a thing and all that we know, we have learned.
If we’re the one’s dousing gasoline – are we surprised when we get burned?

Racism is taught and the strongest minds rise above.
A weak mind is bated easily, then fed hate instead of love.

What South Carolina has suffered is nothing new to them,
This country is soiled with blood from racisms nasty hem.

My mind seeks peace. My coffee needs a mug.
When the heck will we get back to KISSES & HUGS?

I’m Massaging my Mind on this Monday and glad to find Tony Porter,
I’m Qui
Out here #Networking, #Loving and #BeingMe – Thanks for dropping by o’ supporter.

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