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Espen Stenersrød – I Am Like human

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talented-artistsSometimes when surfing the WP community you can find some real refreshing gems (sites). It’s no secret that I’m a poet (you better know it) – therefore, you’ll understand my attraction to reblogging this piece. Without further ado, give it up for Espen and his melodically sweet, clear and direct compositions [via video posts]. 🙂 He’s got an awesome and entertaining way to communicate. Enjoy!

Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart

Good morning, afternoon and evening to you all

This weeks piano and poetry video discuss an important development in how we interact. How we measure and pressure ourselves in social media, to save time during our daily routines in a more and more dehumanized society in the west. We loose more and more contact with our friends and family, due to life´s increasing presence, and has found a middle way through social media, to stay in touch with our close ones. We focus more and more on showing the people we love, that we are doing alright, and that everythiong is going to be fine. The problem arise when it is not, the human contact, the need of speaking, comfort and actually human touch cannot be replaced by a facebook like, or a RT on twitter, but we try to find the outlet anyhow, but there is no replies in…

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Nostalgic with jo

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Qui Entertainment Magazine

nostalgicSo I’m up sipping my favorite cup of jo, and I flip the channel to a throwback broadcasting station and catch the tail end of CURLY SUE. Remember Curly Sue starring James Belushi and little Alison Porter?

I love comedy. I love that film. I miss that day. I miss Curly Sue. Where did she go?
Well, her real name is Alisan Porter and she’s currently starring in the role of mom. No, not on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, she’s 31 years old for goodness sake. Time flies when you’re having fun. I know James Belushi is doing well. He’s conquered quite a few tv series since Curly Sue, but we haven’t heard a peep from Alison. So after landing on Curly Sue this morning, I took the liberty of researching Alison, and I find,

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