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2 Stories, 1 Heart, 1 Mind.

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Good morning WordPress kin,
the year shan’t wind up until we’ve met begin.

This week week will be short in the year of 2014
and while I’ve loved every moment, we need a new scene.

Saturday eve caught me “in-read” on Google and Yahoo.
Twas on the latter search engine that I found this dude:

Calvin Hennick is his name and he’s quite the writer.
His stories are so good, I had be a biter.

I had to share them with you – he’s a dad of biracial kids.
And my heart goes out – from this world that we live in,

and my arms are stretched open, because he’s not alone in his plight.
I peacefully protest for his son to have the same rights as whites in his life.

It breaks my heart that Calvin Hennick would have to voice such concern,
I wish no one to feel…

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