My, My Monday Sky

In Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement on July 6, 2015 at 5:08 am

AZ moring skyI’m on a journey with no ceiling 
enjoying this life that I’m living.

It’s Monday and I’m up for giving
so I kneel and pray to God for healing

for my family, my friends and the world.
I pray for the strength to be this positive girl.

My, My Monday Sky is limitless indeed
I’m a reaper of good so I plant good seeds.

This morning I’m up early opportunity seeking
Researching and absorbing – I’m knowledge teething.

The sun did not catch me, I’ve been up since 3.
When the sun does dawn, (I’ll been done ‘had it going on’) he’ll rise to see me!
Yeeee! Good morning Sun. I’m Qui.

My, My Monday Sky is beautiful in Arizona
I’m over here in Chandler, where the heat just sneeks up on ya,

however, the last two days have shown a great differ
clouds have been casted over broad skies, the big and little dipper.

I love the view but so far, we’ve had no rain.
It’s 4:49am now and the lighting sky can not refrain.

The beautiful white-strike-light challenges the dark in a bout,
that lights up my neighborhood and whites the night out.

I’m alone in my awe. The family is asleep.
This is a great time to chill out and just do Qui.

So I do… but not without inviting you.
I’ve taken to WordPress — our connective tool.
Good morning to you.

My, My Monday Sky is shown via the work on my plate
The bar is high, it calls my fate.

Oh what, oh what, will I do today?
My early curiosity invoked me to pray.

I have kneeled and claimed this day as YOURS and MY DAY.
I’m sewing new seeds of faith, love and grace.

I am celebrating in write, this day of new life,
I’m Qui
Happy to kick it with thee under My, My Monday Sky.

What will you do with it?
Be wise as you spend it.


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