The Bogart HUMP

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on July 8, 2015 at 9:21 am

the-bogart-hump-fist-bump .
It’s a blistering Summer day in the valley of Chandler.
The heat is hell but I’m from Texas – I can handle her.

Big thangs are happenin’ and big things are on the horizon.
I’ve snagged another client whose in the throws of success collidin‘.

Another board is in formation – another business is on the lucrative reap.
Another successful connection sealed – another think tank – another seat.

Today is a player day, I told old mundane to hit the brig;
Slow Boogie is a rookie, so I told him to “Get lost kid,

you bug me, don’t hug me,” and on my way I went.
The Bogart HUMP is an aggressive and progressive bend.

I like the feel, it’s calling me to pop my collar
My hat is so sharp, it’ll make your daddy holla!


I’m like Agent Carter up in here.
A skirt full of skills that harbors no fear.

Dimensional heat – it’s what my life is made of,
I’m Qui
Cool as a breeze on The Bogart HUMP sending you love.

Get ON IT and Get OVER IT.

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