Laughter Heals

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Let’s talk KEY & PEEL
and how a lot of their episodes keep it real.
They’re mixed in race but bear a black appeal.
Their comedy is funny and confrontational in feel.

I admire their approach;
the way upon the subjects that they broach.

Kudos el comedic Bros!
You killed it in the last episode

with the skit about the trigger happy cop
whose frayed nerves made him shoot black men a lot.

Did anyone else see this piece in humorous fashion?
The cop was ‘so gone,’ he shot his [black] police captain.

This was not a skit that made me double over and laugh
but the kind that played lightly on “real life gone bad.”

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It’s sad, but this is where we’re at.
Key & Peel are unique in this bag.

They play to their white fam then expose them to their black side.
Comedy is the bait but their intellectualism sustains the ride.

The duo is easy on the eyes and substantial on the mind
So it’s good to follow them up with Hannibal Burris’ WHY.

It’s a new show, have you seen his new place?
WHY with Hannibal Burris debuted on July 8th.

Ep1-why-w-hannibal-burris-openingIt opened up with Conan O’Brian and his side kick
in an introduction to Burris – a pretty cool schtick.

I enjoyed it and while Key & Peel keep it real, they’re silly on a sly –
If you can’t get with their style of humor, don’t give Hannibal a try.

He’s real to how he feels and his comedy is intelligent and dry.
You’ll either laugh at his lay or you’ll pass him up in stride.

Hannibal’s style walks the line. He too is a black man
whose been thrust into the hype spotlight and given a chance.

He’s also the guy who questioned and reignited the BILL COSBY RAPE allegations.
The subject was part of a stand up piece and now Bill’s under investigation.

Oh my. Comedy and its relation. I can’t say I would have chosen that route.
What kind of job security will Hannibal have, if he gained largely from ratting Bill out?

Hannibal Burris is not new. He started his journey of laugter long ago.
He really caught my eye doing a skit about “dance and the the holy ghost.”

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He comes off a little like a preachers kid.
Hannibal has very few limits and this fact is not hid.

So why then would Bill Cosby be safe? It is surely a doggy dog world.
I’m Qui
Enjoying the intellectual and comedic side of things that play to this sapeosexual girl.

Laughter is best when played off of the real.
Laughter has an awesome and great capacity to heal.
It’s good for your abs too.

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