It HAS To Be Monday…

In News on July 20, 2015 at 8:32 am

Doorman in uniform, opening door. Manhattan, New York. NYC

Tip this guy heavily please. Good service gets better at the door…

You've Been Hooked!

There’s simply no other explanation for this post.

 Despite the tightrope-walk-over-a-wormhole-containing-a-million-shrarknados that is my work life, my mornings are fairly routine: I wake up to the alarm clock’s warning, peel the dog off my legs, carry her downstairs so she can evacuate her TARDIS-like (tiny-yet-bigger-on-the-inside-bowels), carry her back upstairs, plop her on the bed and tell the wife to stay asleep while I get ready for work.

Naturally, I know VampireLover will ignore me, so the clock begins ticking, Jack Bauer style, while I get myself ready to face the hordes of travelers waiting for me. But before I know it, that familiar creak begins to emanate from the upper staircase (a ninja could never live in a 10-year-old house), and the bathroom door flings open.

And the thrill ride that is my union begins to unfold again.

VL:  (Upon seeing the sink.)  Hey, Skippy! You used way too much…

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  1. My friend, you honor me once more.
    Thank you.

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