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This man is the epitome of “not too old,”:

I live in Chandler, AZ and I love the planned look of neighborhood lay.
I live in a community of open hearts & unity and it’s pretty close to Sun Lakes.

Sun Lakes is a large and thriving retirement community where the golden seniors live.
They take to heart in their independence and go carts– so, “the right of way” to them we yield.

They are seniors and they are silver but not by any means gray or dim.
Not many of my 40-something friends can out “chin up” (the 84-year old) him.

I am not retired or single but I know many who are in that categorized batch,
I’m Qui
Giving you a heads up ladies: men like Hal are a #StrappingSeasonedCatch.

Go get ’em gals!

Today feels like…

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excited little black girlToday feels like an awesome day!
I’ve got the sun in my eyes, my hair and my face

I live in my own place.
Love is solid; cellophane is the division of race.

Today rises above.
I’m hopeful today will be filled with more love.

I think that life is super grand,
today I will light a candle for Sandra Bland.

Today feels like it’s going to be a winner.
I just woke up, sure, but I’m no beginner.

First I kneeled to pray – ‘don’t want to be a sinner.
Now I’m kicking it with you and cheesing like Bender.

Not just because today is one of the most awesome days of the week,excited-baby-yellow-dress
but because I am alive and I have the opportunity to hem and/or tweak

anything about me and my life that is remotely out of line.
Life allows me to appreciate you more and to perfect my reel grind.

Today is a good day to do something for yourself and your lover.
Today feels like a great day to go and visit your beloved grandmother.

President Obama is executing this very idea today.
Moma Sarah is 93 and happy that her grandson is on his way.

Today is a great day to do some work on me.
I’m easily motivated to improve ol’ girl Qui.

If you’re into #SelfImprovement then stand and say, “Oui.”
Today feels like it’s got plans of success for me and thee.

Dear Friday: Unite us and making us a compassionate WE.
Today feels fantastic, like la dee da, la dee dee.