Is it a board game or is it real life…

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Same-song-dif-verseCowboys and Indians was a sick game. The age of the children that I remember playing that game were preschool and elementary kids who had no idea of the ‘Cowboys vs. Indians history.’ We as Americans have since moved away from encouraging our toddlers to play ‘cowboys and indians;’ we integrated board games and video games into the recessed mix and got by for a couple of decades. However, today there’s a new game that’s being played, and once again, it’s not a game created in concept by the kids, it’s a game constructed from the sadness of real life.

If you think the game of cowboys and indians wasn’t offensive, then you’ll probably like this game just as much. There’s plenty of real life stories of “White Cops killing Unarmed Black Civilians” on the news to help game players learn how to execute and side-step the law:


Click the FUNNY OR DIE picture to be taken to the video.

I think it’s funny because I was taught to laugh at the world and myself.
I’m digging FUNNY OR DIE for making this spoof – it’s a historically accurate  TELL.

Oh hell! It is a bad idea for a game, but it’s not a fictional concept,
I’m Qui
Society is sleeping on what’s shaping us. Wake up and look at yourself.

FUNNY OR DIE  is on that “Tell-Tale.”
God Help Us.



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