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Am I the only one

In News on August 30, 2015 at 7:06 am

Qui Entertainment Magazine

Don’t tell me what to do with my flower

Am I the only one who’s looking at the world crazy
and wondering why Womens Rights is an issue viewed so hazy?

I’m a vagina-packing lady and I’d not like you to tell
me what to do with my inner parts, so please do go to hell.

Oh well – Texas is dubbing for hell and my sister Texans are going through the test.
Though I am not safe, in my residence away – a similar law lives in the Southwest.

I think it’s best I continue to rally and voice
and remind representatives about “a womans choice.”

Let’s hoist a new sail and legislate stall
and camp out like Dream Defenders inside of city hall.

Am I the only one who’s wondering why
the world is full of women but respect is not nigh?

Eluding me and not including me…

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Live LYTE – #Always

In Communication, Griot, Music, Networking, News on August 29, 2015 at 8:19 am

mc-lyte-keep-on-keepin-onLana Michelle Moorer was not giving chase to Jesus Christ when she said, “I am the light! The L-Y-T-E,” she was making good music. It was still the early days of HIP HOP in the late 80’s and the music was full of message.

There were no ‘hoes to superman‘ and there was no one requesting anyone to ‘eat the booty like groceries.’ No – none of that. Those examples would be of: rap minus meaning not hip hop. And there’s nothing detrimentally wrong with message-less music, especially in a dance hall setting. One of my favorite places to dance hall is in Jamaica and the music is always banging as are the actions of the dancers on the floor with me. There’s unison hand clapping and hip jerking. I love it, but to be honest, I never understand the words of the songs because the Jamaican accent is authentically thick. So just the fact that I dig Jamaican dance hall music, goes to show that perhaps you don’t have to know all of the words  to jam a song, burn loads of calories and have fun. However, if the song is to last and be legacy worthy – it better have some type of message or you can bet soon it will be literally forgotten.

Lana Moorer was 16 when she entered the game, she had something to say and just a few months ago she was on the air saying something to HOT 97 about life and game longevity. If you’ve been living in the dark without the luminescence of LYTE, you really want to catch this:


Viva la LYTE!!!

light-bulb dividerlight-bulb dividerlight-bulb-short-divider

When I think about yesterday and how todays music meets,
I think about Hip Hop and the way they used to handle beefs.

It was all about the message – it was all about the words.
It was all about wisdom, like BLACKSTAR. Have you heard?

Life is short, no time to live in darkness.
Everything ain’t for you – some circumstances are heartless.

Life regenerates and needs the help of LIGHT to photosynthesize.
Music is good without words but MESSAGE elevates the rise.

Imagine that.
It’s the way of the Black.

A lyrical and intellectual snack.
MC Lyte has #ALWAYS been about that.

Life can be heavy – pick and choose your verbs,
I’m Qui
Living LYTE
on lyrics. Didn’t know? Now you’ve heard.

Obliging TBC – The Blank Channel

In Communication, Griot, News, TV Shows on August 26, 2015 at 8:51 am

TBC-The-Blank-ChannelThe television has been on, but I haven’t really been watching
Work is on my desk and the demand to produce isn’t stopping.

I’m good – in fact I love it, but I did want to mention, yo!
Trumps press conference clips are quite the comics quip – I saw the highlights on Morning Joe.

Surely you saw the displays of Trump last night and messy folk were fed.
I wanted to watch LHHA reunion, but fell for the ‘affair drop’ of Marco and Jeb.

Well Trump mentioned those two were ‘hugging and kissing.’
Comparing them to Christie and President O –  during Sandy’s “camaraderie digging.”

Trumps brashness is reeling but I really wasn’t trying to watch,
still the insults kept coming, the quips were cunning – it’s like he can’t stop.
Trump is acting like Hip Hop –-
“here’s another one… and it don’t stop!”


Diddy should be getting a check from the way Trump is jamming to his own beats.
Conservatives think he’s more of a win than sink – I think he’s all hot air and heat.

But entertaining television is fair – it has kept me from thinking about my empty home,
My youngest child is off to college and now the doting mommy is all-alone.

To all who have had a home full of kids and the last one is moving away,
I have it on good authority that the sadness is temporary and will not stay.

I’m far from depressed, it has only been 2-days and yo!
I’ve got to be honest when I say I’m entertained by Trumps jokes.
He’s dealing ‘em to the throat.

So I’m going to keep Morning Joe in my morning line up just to see who’s on deck.
I can’t believe a loud mouth tyrant is whom republicans want to LEAD US next.

The president can’t be rude to keep press conferences in check.
Donald gave a head nod and a muscle crossed the stage to flex.

dosxx-on-donald-trumpHe crossed Trumps podium in route to silence questions about the border.
Trump was highly dismissive of Jorge — he’s a renowned UNIVISION reporter.

If you don’t like what someone is saying you can’t have a bouncer kick them out.
FREE SPEECH is the first amendment and Obama didn’t kick Joe Wilson out!

If you want rude and brash – then don’t be whiney and pissy,
Go for the BIG GUY the OG rude politician Chris Christie.

At least he has experience in governing a state.
Trump is a rude player who plays only to get his way.
This isn’t a reality show – this is the USA.
My word and I do say…

Anyway I am duly entertained and I wouldn’t mind giving Trump a fist bump,
I’m Qui
And if it weren’t for he this day would be a pretty comic-less hump.

Pay Attention.