Beauty is in the heart of the expresser

In Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement on August 1, 2015 at 12:16 pm

2015-flower-quiWhat’s in your heart and does it even matter?
It does indeed, so mind your feed via the contents of your chatter.

It is your right to be expressive – conversation is a take and a give
but your character will be shaped via your conversation and how you live.

It’s what humanity uses to measure: how you talk and how you walk.
If the two don’t measure up, your energy is generally side noted as ‘a squawk.’

Sharp are the eyes of the hawk and quick is the swim of the shark.
Predators live on fear but true leaders will thrive by heart.

Be smart and always see the good.
There’s beauty to be held in every neighborhood.

Do you see it? Appreciate it. Beauty is in our difference.
You don’t have to agree with me – just love me – after all we are kin.


Look at you and look at me, we have the same bones.
I see beauty in your existence – I’m on a “relative jones.”

It’s a huge wagon, come on and hop on! There’s more room than not.
I laugh, like you – I cry, like you. I need a hanky for my snot.

It’s about who you are and not what you’ve got.
It’s about your dome-piece being sexy and not your hair looking hot.

Beauty is in the heart of the expresser and I hope you see me now.
I’m about Humanity and Unity – any way and any how!

And POW! Via a griots lay I have revealed to you
what is in my heart. How I live; my truths.

My Aunts name is Ruth and on her I will not lie,
I’m Qui
Always expressive with thee. In your presence, beauty is nigh

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