What happened next was…

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Yesterday was a long day. It started out early with endorphins waking me up,

4am — cardio in the garage home gym.

Which is a great place to work out if you live in AZ, because even at 4am it is HOT. I shed loads of toxins via what feels like gallons (at least pints) of sweat in this natural sauna environment. It was a good start to an opportunity filled day. Post the cool down and shower, I jumped in the car and started tackling business head on, which consisted of about 3-4 hours of car driving in the Arizona sun and then parking as far away from every building I was to enter and then walking the distance to get inside. Why would I do that? I have that nifty little i-Phone FIT app and well, it makes me feel accomplished at the end of the day to see how far I have walked and how many calories that may translate into. It’s always the little things in life that keep me going and this little reminder is good for my fitness journey. So did I get my exercise in yesterday and destroy the business hurdle that was on my desk? Check! It was done and I felt great! Actually, I was feeling like a Friday.

5pm — I am expecting guest to come over and drop off precious cargo at 5:30pm — I’m dog sitting.

While waiting for the guest to arrive my hubby calls and asks me to come pick him up from work. He expected he’d be home before the house guest was dropped off (scheduled at 5:30pm). I open the front door to leave and I see a red truck pulling up. Gosh! It must be the guest. I tell my teen daughter to go and open the RV gate to let the dog and his dad into the backyard. I then make my exit through the garage instead, so that I can be outside to meet the guest as they begin to exit the vehicle and instruct them to the backyard gate.

The dogs dad, acknowledged my to request to enter the backyard via the RV gate. The driver of the truck is sitting in my drive way in a (catty cornered parking position) in front of my car (that was not in the garage, but outside parked in my driveway). I announce to the dad of the dog and his friend, the driver of the truck that I have to leave to get the master of the house. The driver of the truck just sits there. The dogs dad asks the driver of the truck to move the truck. The driver of the truck did not budge the truck, but he did get out and open the rear door and get the dog food out. I say to the man, “Please move your truck sir, I have to go and get my husband from work.” He looked at me, and mozied around to the rear of his truck up to the passenger’s side door to hand off the dogs food to the owner.

do-not-allow-thatI couldn’t believe he was blatantly being disrespectful at my home, in my drive way, preventing me from leaving. And further more, I couldn’t believe the guy who know I do know, (the dogs dad) was not a little more assertive in asking the driver to move his vehicle. I got into my car, started it up and contemplated how I would be exiting the driveway of my home, (thinking I may have to drive in the grass). While this is going on, I see my teen daughter opening up the RV gate and that the dog and his dad going that way. Finally the driver moves his truck and I drive off just to go literally across the street (major thoroughfare) to get my hubby from work. I transport because I do not trust the drivers who speed without a care up and down the thoroughfare.

Once hubby gets into the car, I’m saying, “Hurry! We’ve got to get back home, I’ve left our teen daughter with the most unsavory company,” and I start filling him in on the details. As I’m exiting the parking lot and recounting the story the red truck pulls into the parking lot and I point it out. Hubby says, “take me over there,” (where they’ve parked), so I proceeded that way.

Now What happened next was pretty direct. My husband got out and greeted the dad of the dog pleasantly and immediately began speaking AT the driver of the red truck about the disrespectful act. The driver of the truck is a shady and chauvinistic character.

As my husband was “literally” addressing the situation the driver begins to lie and say, ‘he did not see or hear me ask him to PLEASE move his car out of my driveway.’ I interjected and reminded the truck driver that he did indeed hear and see me.

His car was in front of mine in my driveway, I was standing at the driver’s side door asking him to move. I’m black and I have red/orange hair, and I exited via an automatic opening garage door. Do you really think he didn’t see me? My garage is atop of the driveway. My car was parked in the driveway on the outside of the garage door. The red truck was in front of my car; hood first. I saw the driver clearly and he saw me.

He then looked at my guy and stepped towards him. My otherwise quite and nerdy guy likewise stepped towards the driver and the driver stuck out his hand….  My guy did not acknowledge the man’s hand — I thought this was brilliant irony and a great response.

What I observed was my husband DISMISSING the driver of the truck without knowing that was exactly how the driver of the truck was treating me at my home. Dismissive and highly disrespectful. I am certain that the driver was feeling quite dismissed and disrespected when my guy was addressing the situation TO him and AT him — because his face was stuck on silly.

I couldn’t believe that happened so close to the end of a such a beautiful and harmonious day but I guarantee you it won’t happen again. Mr. Wilson has a button that I didn’t know about it. After 26-years of being together I’ve never seen him so riled up about anything – so immediately. He’s so very easy-going, so much so, his nickname is Turtle. Well Turtle was a Hare yesterday and he was in that ass!

And now… they know.

divider blk_south

To all of the women in the world who think it’s a chauvinistic pit!
Take comfort baby girl, not all men are into that lame shit.

Pardon my lingo, but how is conducting yourself in that manner anyway cool?
Blatant disrespect will yield you the treatment of a fool.

Turtle got in that ass and the dogs dad could not stop it.
If disrespect was a hot jam, Turtle remixed it – then dropped it!

There was eye contact at all times and I got the feeling he wasn’t playing.
Women if your man is a nerd too, respect his view — that’s all I’m saying.

If it’s one thing that Turtle can’t stand it is the foul smell of shit.
I should have known that ‘shit parallels with the stench of disrespect.

I am not a disrespectful person, I try to keep it out of my social mix.
I suppose had I been, I’d only be a friend to my hubby of years 26.

Ooo wee! He’s sexy to me today.
I do appreciate his attention to that bother yesterday.

And life is good and I’m still in love,
I’m Qui
totally over yesterday and What happened next was…

Love and Respect thy neighbor.
It’s a give and take… a future favor.

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