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Yep. Orlando Jones called Kim because of a paranormal event that happened
that sent him running for the hills after spirit thwarted his unpackin’.

Wilmington, N. Carolina is the city where the creepy hotel resides.
Orlando came back because the attack on him was whack – he wanted to uncover the vibe.

Blood up to the elbows of an Irish woman who was displaying methodical movements.
Kim was picking up on a ‘time loop’ and feeling the fear that Orlando, himself, underwent.

Early on, into their journey, Orlando’s beloved and late grandmother showed up.
I remembered her from his paranormal experience in her Mobile, Alabama cut.

It was on CELEBRITY GHOST STORIES – a series that is no longer in play
but it seems that’s where Kim pulls a lot of her files – producers pick the case.

It only makes sense. If you’ve had something happen in your life
that you want to explore more for your “peace of mind” plight

then airing it on Celebrity Ghost Stories is one way to do it
afterward you should visit Kim to really walk you through it.


Orlando buckled in for a WING MANs ride through yesterdays vibe…

Turns out prior to Orlando’s initial visit to Wilmington
there had indeed been some strange things a’going on.

Orlando checked into the hotel and was given a key to a room on the 3rd floor
while calling his wife, he noticed a figure pacing back and forth outside of his door.

Wife didn’t answer so Orlando began to text.
The figure passed the window again – Orlando snapped his neck.

He went to the door and opened it rather quickly,
the hallway was long and empty – no one there to see.
Ooo wee.

This did scare he but he closed the door and began to contemplate
if this was all in his head and then “something” closed his suitcase.

Out of the window went reason and any rhyme to weigh it out or further contemplate.
With eyes quite bright Orlando felt to leave would be a delight and duly exited the place.
Like he was in a mad dash kind-of race.

Kim picked up on a story that had nothing to do with the comics sum
but consisted of a hotel room, a mid wife and child birthing nun.

Yes, I said nun. Now I know what you’re thinking,
“A child birthing nun? The thought of is stinking,”

and you’re right.
There were sins-on-top-of-sins inside of that hotel room one night.

Then again isn’t that where a lot of sin is laid out and made?
In a hotel room, under lock and key, in the shade?

the deeds in the room – convents would forbade.

Kim unraveled a little bit more and said in fact
the figure pacing outside of his window was the newborns dad.

He had a lot at stake on this birth – a man submerged in contemplating.
He impregnated a nun with new life, hired a Irish mid-wifetime-loop
and had a barren couple (parental recipients) standing by, waiting.

Kim called this moment a “time loop” and believes Orlando somehow saw it.
Then she pointed out that he is a sensitive child with a real re-active psych-wick.

So, then, this haunting wasn’t about Orlando Jones at all?
No. It was a moment in time, that seeped out of the walls.

Which is interesting in itself.
Can you imagine the history that most dwellings have to tell?

Detective Kim was put on the case
and resolved the mystery on Orlando’s plate.

It was an interesting broadcast with psychic kindred bones,
I’m Qui
Wiser now
about ‘time loops’ via the experiences of Orlando Jones.

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