Obliging TBC – The Blank Channel

In Communication, Griot, News, TV Shows on August 26, 2015 at 8:51 am

TBC-The-Blank-ChannelThe television has been on, but I haven’t really been watching
Work is on my desk and the demand to produce isn’t stopping.

I’m good – in fact I love it, but I did want to mention, yo!
Trumps press conference clips are quite the comics quip – I saw the highlights on Morning Joe.

Surely you saw the displays of Trump last night and messy folk were fed.
I wanted to watch LHHA reunion, but fell for the ‘affair drop’ of Marco and Jeb.

Well Trump mentioned those two were ‘hugging and kissing.’
Comparing them to Christie and President O –  during Sandy’s “camaraderie digging.”

Trumps brashness is reeling but I really wasn’t trying to watch,
still the insults kept coming, the quips were cunning – it’s like he can’t stop.
Trump is acting like Hip Hop –-
“here’s another one… and it don’t stop!”


Diddy should be getting a check from the way Trump is jamming to his own beats.
Conservatives think he’s more of a win than sink – I think he’s all hot air and heat.

But entertaining television is fair – it has kept me from thinking about my empty home,
My youngest child is off to college and now the doting mommy is all-alone.

To all who have had a home full of kids and the last one is moving away,
I have it on good authority that the sadness is temporary and will not stay.

I’m far from depressed, it has only been 2-days and yo!
I’ve got to be honest when I say I’m entertained by Trumps jokes.
He’s dealing ‘em to the throat.

So I’m going to keep Morning Joe in my morning line up just to see who’s on deck.
I can’t believe a loud mouth tyrant is whom republicans want to LEAD US next.

The president can’t be rude to keep press conferences in check.
Donald gave a head nod and a muscle crossed the stage to flex.

dosxx-on-donald-trumpHe crossed Trumps podium in route to silence questions about the border.
Trump was highly dismissive of Jorge — he’s a renowned UNIVISION reporter.

If you don’t like what someone is saying you can’t have a bouncer kick them out.
FREE SPEECH is the first amendment and Obama didn’t kick Joe Wilson out!

If you want rude and brash – then don’t be whiney and pissy,
Go for the BIG GUY the OG rude politician Chris Christie.

At least he has experience in governing a state.
Trump is a rude player who plays only to get his way.
This isn’t a reality show – this is the USA.
My word and I do say…

Anyway I am duly entertained and I wouldn’t mind giving Trump a fist bump,
I’m Qui
And if it weren’t for he this day would be a pretty comic-less hump.

Pay Attention.

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