He made me say UGHHH!

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romeo-masterp-vh1He made me say “Uhhhh! Nah-nah-nah-nah.”

Have you ever said that before? Say it. Did your lip curl when you said it?

It was crazy to hear those words come out of my own mouth and furthermore, I was shocked that I was relatively jamming to it. I remember the very first time I heard of Master P it was via 2 purchases: a double CD compilation called DOWN SOUTH HUSTLERS and an album CD called ICE CREAM MAN. We bought them at a local neighborhood store. Now that I think about it, we may have even bought it at a car wash in Arlington, TX. The cd’s had a lot of hardcore southern rappers – some of them I knew of and some I didn’t so I thought I’d give it a try. Well actually, my guy bought the cd’s and I just agreed to give it a try. Once in the car and blasting the tracks I found myself feeling slightly annoyed with one of the branding chorus lines of the up and coming, young Master P. It was this line in particular: Make ’em say Uhhh! Nah-nah-nah-nah.”

I remember my guy driving down the street bobbing his head. I had my lipped turned up. “Why the curled lip,” he asked, I explained that Master P’s little “chorus branding” is either going to propel him big or shoot him to country hell. Well, history has revealed that Master P mastered that hook and it propelled him to heights that I couldn’t have ever foreseen– and am so glad to witness and behold. I’m giddy that we opted to #SupportTheArtists and purchase those CD’s. They were so underground that BEST BUY hadn’t had a chance to stock them. Now they are collector items.

I’m into collecting artifacts poised for historical value – sure, but there’s nothing that I like to collect more than knowledge. So imagine the twinkle at the base of my cerebellum to find out that Master P has a master’s degree and that his son, Romeo is in hot pursuit of his own. My lip is forever uncurled. That’s another reason to say “Ughhh! Nah-nah-nah-nah.” #KnowledgeRules.

Ughhh. Who knew that sound would be synonymous with successful heights that a lot of Percy Millers earlier peers would never know. But Master P wasn’t selfish with his art, he quickly expanded out of the music studio into the movie studio. I’ve not ever thought of him to be much of an actor, though. I’m convinced that his intellect, talent, and comprehension of business is what has gotten him into the film productions he’s been associated with it, but I wouldn’t say “acting” is his forte. Master P is a producer and seems like the family acting gene will have to go to his son, Romeo.

Did you see Lil Romeo a few episodes ago in SURVIVORS REMORSE?

Nah-nah-nah-nah: Please tell me that you have been watching Tichina Arnold and Mike Epps head up this series that is based on circumstances that propel you from poor to rich – in an instance? Lucky for you – if you are a STARZ subscriber – the first season is not too far gone that you can’t catch up, laugh and learn a little more about folks who win the lottery, (via a sports contract, inventive propriety or scratch offs). It’s an awesome show. The writers are real with the script content which is exactly where Lil Romeo’s performance came in. He was the childhood friend of the recently rich athlete and he was looking for a handout. At first, the writers made it appear that Lil Romeo’s character was ISO an opportunity to perhaps ‘try out and make a professional team.’ However, after given the opportunity to try out and the childhood friend overslept from a previous night of partying — it was clear that he was more interested in a handout. Romeo Miller is anything but a moocher, but he certainly played that part to the letter. It’s clear that his early NICKELODEON acting days have ripened and are ready to pay off. Catch S1 – Episode 5: Out of The Past and then refrain from being “that guy,” — the slacker.

Master P uses his education to encourage Romeo and propel ICDC:


Percy and Romeo are spokespersons for ICDC college. Click pic to see video.

Master P has mastered quite a few banging tracks, television shows, film projects, business deals, and now he’s mastering being DAD. I am so glad Romeo recognizes his fathers accomplishments and is in hot pursuit to meet and even surpass them. God speed.


Now– when I look back on it, I yield more of a smile & less lip blah.
I’m a jovial singer of “Ughhh! Nah-nah-nah-nah.”

It obviously is not a word or phrase, but my goodness does it have meaning.
When it comes to wrinkling the lobes, Master P adds a hustlers seasoning.

And I like it.
He writes, produces and mic’s it.

He’s a knowledge holder and a productive creative barter.
I’m Qui
an observant she – jamming the hustlers chorus of Romeo’s father.

If you plan your life and point-for-point you slay it –
respect will manifest without request & folks will just say it:


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