Get the Conch! Lets go BELOW DECK

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Sports, TV Shows on September 11, 2015 at 6:34 am

BRAVO! to the satellite network Bravo.
I do indeed love their BELOW DECK show.

Have you seen it? 
They’re sailing it.
i-love-below-deck I’m going to bring you in on my little nautical love,
I do dig me some yachting – it deserves a Griots hug.

Let’s talk about season 3 – episode 3: Pretty Cheeks, 
when Rocky was sending out vibes of her intimate needs.

She meant to send them out to the deck hand Emile 
but Don picked up on them — his alpha male will.

This episode was hot, but the script went ill
when Don took a dip against the Captains appeal.

Let me back up… the crew that tends to the yacht EROS
are the stars that make the cast of Bravos BELOW DECK show.

Let me introduce,
Check ’em out – enjoy the view:


Anywho, Don is the dude that is most fine on the show,
but his high level of testosterone caused him to go “fro.”

Just so you know, if you’re sailing Eros with Captain Lee
be sure to follow protocol or there’ll be hell unto thee.

So what happened was, Rocky is a free spirit and laughs on a whim,
during her break on “Pretty Cheeks” she asked if she could go for a swim.

Captain Lee approved the request and with swimsuit on she dove into the ocean.
Don saw the pretty cheeks on she and couldn’t resist diving in – to join in the fun.

Superior Love given? None. Captain Lee was duly pissed.
For Don to go dipping before asking or break tipping – is an authority dismiss.

The captain called him into the bridge regarding the topic – to talk,
Don didn’t appreciate the reprimand, he thanked the Captain and then he walked.

Whaaat? Get out of here. 
Don leaving the show is an eye candy jeer.

Don lives for the moment and rejected being thwarted at lifes chase.
Therefore, EROS sails forward shy of one fine and pretty face.
On forward! with the waves…

Let’s talk about Leon. He’s the chef with all of the mystique 
who whipped up a little CONCH at the guest request, for them to eat.


See the conch hanging out?

Conch is an aphrodisiac. I don’t care for the taste – but oh well,
I sho’ went to Jamaica and scored a cute conch shell.

It didn’t have the conch in it and that was cool with me,
because Chef Leon couldn’t even get it out. The Bahama forward, he? 
Ooo wee!

Kate thought that was awfully suspicious that he couldn’t remove.
Kate lifted her brow at Leon’s resume — and began a curious groove.

Ever so smooth she entered into conversation with the chef about his past.
Leon says he started at McDonalds. Kate almost laughed.

Leon learned to cook from his dad, but Mickey gave him a paid shot – it’s true.
He also went on to say, he started his water career on a cruise.

I thought that was cool, but Kate clarified in classification – his previous part.
Kate said cruise ship work in the yacht world is “like working at Walmart.”

Isn’t she smart? And so fun to work with?  But yo!
the guests said the chef has mad talent and hailed him a toast.
I do love this show. 

Are you yachting? Are you watching? Do you like to get wet?
This is BELOW DECK’s 3rd season, I’d say this is a safe bet.

I like to yacht – a little, cruises are just too much of a mass for me,
I’m Qui 
Happy weekend baby! I just wanted to dip by and get moist with thee
on this griot 1-2-3.

sounds good to me.

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