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Several hours after midnight beds down
Ol’ Morning Joe comes around

bringing headlines via world news feeds
I listen to them – while taking in a local read

though I learned “the most” about the #WorldVapors
when Mika introduced the section, Morning Papers:

Syrian-Refugees-Germany-Sept2015The front-runner with the top say
is on the periodical USA TODAY

it reads “Germany imposes border control.”
They’re at their economics end for taking in migrating souls.

They’re closing down the border and halting train service,
citing survival reasons and not because they’re merciless.

The migrants are in need of assistance – they didn’t want to do this.
But more than 16,000 refugees, (this weekend alone), showed up in Munich.


Jeremy-Corbyn-Labour-Party-Elect2015The Wall Street Journal spoke of the UK and said there was shocking upset
British opposition Labour Party went totally far left on their chosen elect.

Jeremy Corbyn is their leader – he received 60% of the vote.
He vows to reverse his predecessors actions – that were crammed down the peoples throats.

Voter frustration, inequality and unnecessary poverty
is his motivation to change things. He’s got big plans for his new seat.


The Guardian reported a Taliban attack inside of an Afghan city jail
and that 355 of their 436 prisoners were freed and ran like hell.

Reports say that a suicide bomber did in fact detonate
a bomb at the prisons main entry gate.

The fire fight with the police lasted about an hour;
yielding 3 attackers and 1 officers life in sour.


Djokovics-10th-Grand-Slam2015Djokovic Wins 10th Grand Slam. His racket to opponent does singe.
This is the report of The Wall Street Journal again

Djokovic was up against Joseph Federer last night at the US Mens Open.
He kicked butt for four sets and the fine Joe F. was sent home mopin’.

The match marked the 42nd head-to-head match between the players –
they are now tied at 21 a piece. These guys are some game slayers!
….and are not likely to find any credible nay sayers. 😀


The Philadelphia Inquirer weighs in and what a pitymoses-malone-dies-60yrs
it reports: “Sixers great Moses Malone dies at 60.”

Malone was the first player in history to go pro right out of high school,
this little tid-bit is for my wagon riders who thought only Kobe and Lebron were cool.

Morning Joe’s Willie Geist read the story and quoted this,
(I didn’t want to paraphrase it and information miss):

Malone had a story career of 19-seasons, he was known as the chairman of the board and remains the all time leader in offensive rebounds. According to the New York Times when Malone was asked ‘What he would have done had he not played professional basketball and replied, “Hard to say, the Lord made some people to be engineers and some people to be doctors and me to be a great basketball player.”

And just like that – after flipping a few periodical pages the Morning Joe crew went to break.
All of this was in print, the newly awakened me was on the squint, thinking I was early to wake?

Arizona’s 4am is obviously pretty late!
I’m Qui
Good morning world! The good remains and is ours to take!

Go forth, hug someone and have a good day.
Quick question: Do you think Joe Biden should get into the race?

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