9 Habits That Lift the Soul

In News on September 23, 2015 at 3:12 pm

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Want to breath new life into your spiritual journey? The Rev. A.R. Bernard, Founder and Senior pastor of Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Author of Happiness Is… Simple Steps to a Life of Joy offers a starting point::

Over The Years I’ve taught the members of my congregation, I’ve often shared nine spiritual disciplines, habits that can reinvigorate you and keep stress and chaos at bay. Although these principles are God-centered and Biblical they apply in general, no matter what your belief system is. And these aren’t just principles that I talk about from the pulpit: I actually put them in practice in my own life.

Why do we need these tools? Because in our harried and hurried world, they keep us centered and aware of the bigger picture. They restore our perspective. They remind us that we have a place in teh larger community of humankind. And…

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