Next thing you know… There is CLOSURE

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Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.12.07 PMI wrote a piece titled: Next thing you know, it’s Thursday on January 15, 2015 about a hit and run accident that occurred behind my home. A 47-year old woman named Francis Johnson was walking southbound on Dobson (past Ocotillo) in the bikers lane and was struck from behind by a vehicle and left on the side of the road for dead. I heard a loud gut kind-of noise come from my backyard as I sat upright in my bed looking at television. I immediately wrote the blog to alert my tight knit community about the tragedy. Emergency respondents worked on Francis relentlessly but was unable to revive her.

This was in January. I heard no more substantial information surrounding this case until last Thursday when the victims sister contacted me on Facebook and shared this:


I am overjoyed that this family is in the process of gaining some form of closure. Francis’ sister and I have corresponded via social media a time a two in the past, as she was in search of answers and had none. I also have met various members of Francis’ family as they visit her memorial site often (on Dobson) and I have felt their pain through their faces and every thing that they didn’t say to me.


Next thing you know it’s Thursday and Fran crosses over with no forwarding word.
9 months later on a Thursday — good news is received by me and heard.

Francis’ sister sent it to me. She’s a warrior who could not rest.
Superman has nothing on the bold D (for Dedication and Drive) that is tatted across her chest.

She was driven by surrounding questions wearing a wounded Love vest.
Francis’ sister so dearly misses her. Francis’ sister is the best!

Next thing you know, it’s Thursday again and new light yields us visibility,
I’m Qui
Pretty amp’ed at the start of this week. The progress of CLOSURE really means a lot to me.


  1. […] Sarah sent me a cell phone snapshot of the suspect: Wanda House. I titled the piece “Next thing you know… There’s Closure,” when in fact, this case was just getting started. There was surely a trial coming adn more […]

  2. […] 9/26/15 — NEW NEWS: The suspect faces the music […]

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