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I wake up WAY TOO EARLY in Arizona
and that usually means rising between the hours of 2:30am and 3:30am. It’s something my body has grown accustomed to over the years. I was a night owl in high school. I obviously felt like I had to stay up to help usher the sun into its dawn position. However, by the time I was well into the swing of “mom duty” and raising two kids, I forfeited staying up all night for an early turn-in (usually around 11pm) and then I would be up-and-at-it again by 6am. Just early enough to be up-and-mobile by the time the girls alarm clock went off for school. The years brought adolescent maturity and by the time my last daughter was in high school, I was a master at turning in at or before 8pm nightly. That’s also around the same time that I started getting up at 3:30am.

I do quite a bit everyday before the sun and most people – still, the world is always way ahead of me, (in terms of news and headlines). Arizona is on Arizona time and at this moment the entire East Coast is 3-hours ahead of us and the South Coast is 2-hours of ahead of us — in time zone. California is on the same time zone as Arizona right now, but their clocks will drop 1-hour back once Fall comes in.

My quandary: How can I possibly stay connected to multi-regional and international news if the sun dawns in my region last?

Possible resolution in play: Get up early, put Morning Joe on in the background while I surf internet news and of course my WordPress Reader Tab. Wherein I found the following linked stories…

Todays tabs were informative. There was business, politics and fun.
Todays WordPress Reader yielded me literal dimensional 411:

Even though most don’t consider the prison population to be a helpful sum,
when it comes to extinguishing forest fires, some inmates get it done.

Get this 411: I’m speaking of no other than
California’s “Angels in Orange.”

Firefighters are in demand as the earth dries up and the sun peers hotter.
Inmates have the capacity to help. Officials gave them fire masks and a hose full of water.
What a practical problem solver…

Then over in Tennessee the air quality is far less than a 10,NBCC-harmful-TN
and the National Black Chamber of Commerce is no “person of colors” friend.

Participants in an Environmental Protection Agency research project
said 40% of the population living near energy plants are losing the bet.

That 40% is made up of people of color.
Special interests group countered – because it won’t affect their lives or their mothers.

Special interests groups conducted a study and the National Black Chamber of Commerce did bite.
They’ve caught on to special interest donor growth and would rather be funded than RIGHT.

What we know is:

“For the past year, a team of Tennessee State University students and I have been investigating the air quality in and around the Cayce Place community as participants in an Environmental Protection Agency research project.

Low-income and minority communities such as Cayce Place are often the hardest hit by the effects of air pollution and climate change.

The EPA’s new Clean Power Plan will, for the first time ever, limit power plant releases of carbon dioxide, particulate matter and related pollutants such as ozone.

Forty percent of the U.S. population living near power plants are people of color — so the plan will greatly benefit these communities. It will reduce incidences of asthma and other pollution-related illnesses, as well as create thousands of new jobs and save families money on utility and medical bills,” … but no one’s listening or heeding this report.

Tennessee get it together.
The ozone is what protects us and regulates the weather.

Stop taking special interest cash and selling off the quality of life for your residents.
No one moves to a death trap and work like slaves — only to die trying to pay the rent.

Am I my brothers keeper? – Yes I am! I yield him plenty of compassion and not pity.
I’m a soldier for human rights, though I sound like a cast member from New Jack City.

Ruthless, I am not. For those who live by the sword – die by it.
Why suffocate your brothers for the special interests of others? –  Aint that some bullshit.

Don’t be a low-moraled bitch.
Consider your own family for a bit…

NBCC:: Is a radiation hub a great residential fit?
Get out of here and off of it!
Lest you move-in your mom and keep the radiation pilot lit.

There are many fine authors and great stories on my WordPress Readers list,
but none pierce me as compassionate as our loved ones who are on a journey to FORGET.

They don’t remember your face anymore. They don’t recognize your smile.
You’ve been with them all of your life, after all you are family – their child.

Dementia and Alzheimers is wild
so while perusing I found this file:

Three films about Alzheimer’s disease


Ed Rowe of Cornblog wrote:

“Alzheimer’s disease is a ‘worthy’ issue and such issues don’t often make for great films. Even the most successful have their moment of exposure and then fade away like memories. That said, Alzheimer’s is an issue with inbuilt dramatic thrust. What could be more scary than a disappearing self? I’ve a special interest in dementia…”

He then lists 3 movies that touch on this topic.
Medical science is in hot pursuit to research a way to stop it.

For family members dementia is a huge life test and requires a loving crew.
There’s nothing natural in the scope of humanity that preps us for folk FORGETTING you.

Here are 3 films with 3 different views
all about Alzheimer… produced to help you:


At current, science does not exactly know how Alzheimers chooses its prey. 
So since God is the author of all big and small – I recommend you be vigilant and pray.

My great Aunt Hattie suffered from this. We used to be social for a familial while.
Then one day I stopped by to visit her home and she said, “You ain’t Art’s child.”

Art is my mother and Aunt Hattie is my grandmothers sister.
That was when I realized the longevity of a strong mind – had missed her.

It all came on after the passing of her hubby. I remember it like yesterday.
So yeah, science doesn’t know what to do, but God does. Do pray.

With a short list of films and couple of other headlines on my desk,
I’m Qui
Kicking all topics to thee. I find picking your brain to be the best.

It’s Hump Day baby, walk through it, smile and have fun
I’m up and at ’em, ready to bat ’em after Getting this 411.

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