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Thumbtack Professionals – Get It Done!

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Do you know them?

Qui Entertainment

Videographers, filmmakers and editors if you’re looking to join a progressive site that offers you a fresh networking system to land new gigs THUMBTACK is it! I joined a few months ago, thinking it would be like ProductionHub and that my profile would get lost among the masses of others trying to be seen but that was not the case. Immediately upon signing up my cellphone texts started sending me alerts immediately. It’s a rare day when my camera and editing equipment is not in action, and thanks to Thumbtack, it looks like the trend has gained strength.

Have you seen their commercials on television?

Just as soon as they began to air I receive an email from Thumbtack informing me that they have enjoyed reading my film profile on their site and that they’ve decided to highlight my business in a sweet Pro spot:

Thumbtack Pro Highlight
Thumbtack Pro Highlight 2

Needless to say, I’m…

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What about FLIRTING

In News on October 2, 2015 at 4:40 am

Qui Entertainment Magazine


Everyone does it differently – I personally love FLIRTING a lot.
I can go from talking about winter to making the listener hot.

I’m a speaker of encouragement – please know I yield compliments easy.
Guests feels good in my presence and retreat saying, “Qui is cool breezy.”

I flirt with everyone, because I see their silver linings showing,
I usually approach rendering my view and leave them wow’d and glowing.

Shy? That’s not me. I’m the talker in the room.
I can find the silver lining in a crowd of hopeless gloom.

I seek out the sunny and forfeit the gray.
Flirting is a part of my happy everyday.

Mechanics love flirts. I do it to them all the time,
and in return my car is repaired for a very little dime.



Yes, of course this post is inspired by MTV’s GIRL CODE. I love…

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