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Larry-wilmore-Alabama-DMVWhy – You may ask? I will tell you why!
Because he speaks his truths minus the social lies.

He’s a member of the ‘Matter of Black Lives,’ and I tell you what
truer words are rarely versed but thrive on the Larry Wilmore cut.

So it was last nights broadcast that had the most interesting scene,
I’d say it came in at about broadcast minutes of 15.

Larry invokes a lot of laughs and a lot of lumps in the throat.
He’s kind of like John Stewart and of this particular scene, I quote:

[S2-Ep6; starting at 12-min into broadcast, after commercial]
Larry: Welcome back! There’s big news out of Alabama. That’s right a state so conservative, they’re avoiding GAY MARRIAGE by using laws created to avoid INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE. That’s true. That’s conservative. I’ve said it before then I took it back but now I’m saying it again “Alabama. You cray.”

Ok now the heart of dixie is wading into the heart of darkness — the DMV.

[news clip dated Aug 25 reports]
“Beginning October 1st, 33 offices will be closing their doors and by next March there will only be 4 Drivers License offices in the stare.”

Larry: Wait! There’ll only 4 DMV’s left in the whole state? What? That’s 4 times the number of libraries in Alabama. I’m kidding Alabama — it’s 3.

[news clip]
“Because of a 2011 state bill that made drivers licenses or special photo ID’s a requirement for voting the office closures make the path to the ballot box that much harder for the quarter million registered Alabama voters who don’t have the required ID’s.”

Larry:  Ok. Wait a second.  To vote in Alabama you need an ID and they’re closing the places where you get the ID’s?  Is this just a coincidence or something more? Hm. Something’s tingling and it’s not coming from my FUN DOWNTOWNS. Alright look, I’m not going to say this is racist. Not gonna say it. No more “Larry’s always calling – he’s always saying stuff is racist,”  — I’m not. Now we’ve got a meter for that.


Larry: The “This Has Gotta Be Racist, Riiiiiiight?” meter. Very scientific, you guys.
(at this point the dial on the meter moved directly to GEORGE WALLACE DREAM JOURNAL slot).  Wow! Oh my God! George Wallace Dream Journal? Man, that sounds bad. I’m sure that guy had some pretty dark dreams or dreams sans of dark. But you know that could just be the meters automatic reaction to the word Alabama. Let’s find out more.

[news clip]
“Of the 10 counties with the highest percentages of non white registered voters 8 will see their drivers license offices closed. In fact, all counties where blacks citizens comprise 75% of all registered voters will no longer have a drivers license office.”

Larry: Fuck! (Larry throws up his commentary notes and rests at the back of his chair; exhausted while the lower left third of the screen reads:  DMV – Deny My Vote). Seriously Alabama? Look I know I shouldn’t expect much from a state whose flag is the bars without the stars


Larry:  but, well I hoped it was just the stars that were racist. Maybe the bars really did believe in states rights. Fortunately Representative Terri Sewell has asked for a full and thorough investigation and by the DOJ – and I’m sure it will happen, at least until President Trump swears in.

orpah-selmaFun fact though, Selma, Alabama is in Representative Sewell’s district, that’s right “Selma” as in Oprah Winfrey’s vehicle into a lesser extent: “That march that lead to the voting rights act.” And now Alabama is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Voting Rights Act by making it harder for black people to vote.  Ok, that is not “cray” that is the crem de la cray.”

divider blk_south

Well, well, there it is in a Comedy Central (Reflecting YOU) nut shell.

Not quite pistachio, but definitely encased in a griots flow and to be honest, I like it yo!.

The Nightly Show is alright and last nights commentation did score,
I’m Qui
That Griot she and I do adore LARRY WILMORE.


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