Staying Fine is a choice of mine!

In News on October 7, 2015 at 6:46 am

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fat-2-skinny-stick-figureAnd so with that title of “Staying Fine,”
I prayed God keep chocolate out of my sublime.

I’m addicted to sugar – I like that cocoa black.
I’m addicted to carbs. I love a good snack.

Carbs and sugar are surely like the worst –
and what’s better than a Dr. Pepper to quench my thirsts?

Ahhh. So good of a high – but when I do come down,
I am always the chic wearing the “cardio crown.”

BLACK WOMEN Losing Weight isn’t phenomenon – it’s a website
and it is clearly the focus of my mid-craving writes.

While chocolate is on my mind and dancing about my head,
I’m opening up a new browser tab to get my mind fed —
I’d rather trade in the snack for an opportunity to be well read.
I’d rather be in the black on the scale than busting seams in the…

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