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NAU-campus-shootingCome on! Come on!?! Are you serious?
My kid is in college and my nerves – near delirious.

I wake up at 5:45 with my phone blowing up.
Folks in Texas want to know about the Arizona cut.


I don’t know what’s going on.
I woke up from sound sleep. What could be wrong?

Long night, on the couch – it was late. I fell asleep
apparently I left the tv on channel MSNBC

And my eyes wake to: “There’s been ANOTHER COLLEGE SHOOTING!
The lower third then revealed it was an Arizona schooling.

Not at all good news
when you’ve got an Arizona collegiate youth.

I started calling my kid. I am blowing her phone up.
I wake up her dad, because my nerves are in a rut.

The kid did not answer, I’m getting the voicemail.
I continue my call – I need to know all is well.

He starts to text the kid; he’s wide awake from slumber.
I start going thru old texts looking for my kids collegiate friends numbers.

I’m desperate, I’m nervous and then my phone rings.
The kid says she’s safe and the angels in heaven sing.

My blood pressure rise — stalled and I finally sat down.
Why is our country wearing the ill gun control frown?

How many mass shootings are we going to have to endure?
Our kids are mass casualties – GUN CONTROL is the cure.

Yes I woke up this morning and my heart is in tact
but there are a couple of NAU parents — who didn’t wake up like that.

This is a mass issue – my heart goes out to the mom and dad
who has lost a son during his collegiate sum. The day is marred with SAD.

Well, it’s 6:45 and I’m up. I’m up — I’m duly up yo!
I think I’ll take a deep breath and make a cup of jo.

I had no idea — on this topic — that I’d be talking to you.
I’m Qui
And my kid was not injured in The SHOOTING at NAU.


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