Just jotting it down….

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writing-cultivating-ideasI have found, with every year past,
that I can easily forget stuff – and forget it fast!

I’ve also found that if I don’t keep a journaled book
of the food I consume, I will definitely change my look.

Cookies creep up on my IP address as well as on my waist.
If I don’t jot down the calories, they will creep up onto my face.

I fight the good-FIT-fight to erase and it is adequately comprised
around eating less food; shrinking my belly and thighs.

Arithmetic by subtraction is no surprise — the knowledge is sound.
I know you get it too – but this is what I do, “Just jotting it down.”

This weekend deserves a mention, let me make record here,
when you’re on a road trip and speedy drivers slip – all face a mortal fear.

I took a road trip to a university Saturday on a happy and sunny day whim
and on the way back, the driver of a speeding car flipped and the act ejected him.

My nerves on edge, I was in no mood for news that is grim.
Care Flight arrived on the scene and to a hospital they transported him.

We parked on the highway with hundreds of others who were on their way
to or from, all on the run – unknowing of the sum of the pending wreckless fate.


A few miles back on that highway – before an accident happened
A gray car sped by and got in front me, he seatbelt unfastened.

He was reaching in his glove box and I said to my driver
God bless all on the road” – I’m a praying and cautious rider.

That was maybe 30-minutes before the big boom!
The 2-lane interstate isn’t the best place to go VROOM!


When the car flipped, the driver had no where to go
the car bounced the span of 2-lanes before the ejection/throw.


No fatalities were listed.  The bullet? He did not bite it.
Likely because of emergency responders having shown up to care flight it.

I thanked God for all lives, those helping, waiting and praying.
I was so grateful so many survived; I couldn’t resist jotting it down – just saying.

And here we are on another Monday – I’m alive and happy from jump!
I’m Qui
Just jotting it down
– you could call it a recollection dump.

When it comes to recollecting in writing – just call me the Griot Colonel.
I do what I can, marking the time of man – I do it all in my journal.

  1. Reblogged this on Cupcake Chique and commented:

    About that accident that happened Saturday 91/24/15) near the NEW RIVER exit on Southbound I-17… Is speeding through the mountains really the way to go? I think not. RULE #1: No excessive speeding, No rolling and No being ejected on a two-lane highway. Be safe & God bless the man care flighted away.

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