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Good Morning Monday!

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Good-Morning-MondayGood Morning Monday, what have you got up for me today?
I’m ready to comprehend, I’m ready to play.

I’m ready to make a statement, I do have a say.
I’m hard on my work. I’m hard on my play. ūüėÄ

And today, dear Monday, I’m just happy to be alive.
I’m thankful for days passed; the love did thrive.

I woke up this morning at approximately 4
with no thieves, no police trolling my door.

I knelt down to pray, then up to make a cup of jo.
My mind on the now and the future; on the to and the fro.

Yo!¬†Yo! Yo, I’m up for it.
There’s purpose out there and I’m trying to score it.

Life? I adore it. What have you got up today?
Be good to yourself, put negativity away —

even if it’s a person that you usually see everyday.
#SelfPreservation is yours. Be convinced and sway.

Make it a Good Morning Monday and join me in feeling great!
I’m Qui
Encouraging thee to #SelfPreserve and revel in the GOOD on your plate.

Start the week off the way you want it to end.
Good Morning Monday! I’m charting for the #WIN!



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Yesterday was filled with family and friends —
and for the first time in my life I ate Thanksgiving Dinner¬†and didn’t sin.

Hallelujah and Amen.
I got down on that cornish hen

then the chicken, then the steak.
I fixed a supple 500 calorie plate.

I didn’t eat it all, but I cleared out all veggies.
I ate smart, I ate clean – I aim not to get hefty.qui-thanksgiving-2015

Or should I say “heftier?” No sir, I’ve no interest.
I’m in search of a smaller size, a much fitter mistress.

And so yesterday was an awesome THANKSGIVING and today I wake up to see
every consumer in the world is feeling beautiful and BLACK like ME.

Ooo wee. Fridays are my favorite day and the day after Thanksgiving rocks.
I’m Qui
with open arms, inviting you to be like me. I’m BLACK, it’s Friday and it’s time to SHOP.

Keep making the thankful moments with fam and friends.
Have fun out there shopping – don’t spend all of your ends.

BLACK Friday is a lot Like ME.


Have you ever seen this film?

Bedroom Workouts = MASSIVE Caloric Burn

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twister-gameBedroom Workouts = MASSIVE Caloric Burn if you do it long enough, so get that stamina up! Nothing says loving like something from the oven, but please forget not to¬†forego the¬†“love handles.” Therefore I’m taking it upon myself to mention some KEY MOVES that may remind you that you have all of the calorie burning tools that you need to emerge from this Thanksgiving Holiday a finer, fitter, more svelt chap — if not at the very least it’ll help you maintain and not gain.


Oh and I forgot to mention that if you have a Boo, it’s FREE! Nothing could be finer¬†than¬†the two of you – after a steady string of daily copulation emerging fitter. The caloric burn can be quite significant but not nearly as much as the honest to goodness internal workout you give your blood vessels, your heart and your lungs — especially during climax.

Don’t be quiet. Put this finger somewhere else:

Let loose and verbally respond in the bedroom. Moan if you don’t have the words. It’s all good.

If this is your “usual behavior” — carry on solider, but for the rest of us that get carried away with “life” that we forget the “duvet fight” — this is for us. Holidays are your days buddy.

But maybe you’re wondering like, what room will you occupy – since the house will be full of family, friends and puberty pimpled teens? Good question. Ruth Doherty of AOL’s travel scene suggests getting a room. Why not? You’ve been together so long, you’re married, the holidays are being held at your house? All of these reasons are even better reasons to GET A ROOM. Ruth has researched the issue and has this to say about it:

Why hotel sex really is better than regular sex
Ever noticed that before? Well, you were right…

just-a-hotel-roomIf you’ve ever thought that sex is better in a hotel room, you weren’t just imagining things.

Ian Kerner, psychotherapist, sex counsellor, and author of “She Comes First” has told the Huffington Post why.

He says there are chemical responses that occur in our brains when we have sex in a hotel bed, that don’t necessarily happen in our own bedrooms.

He explains it’s all about the new exciting and indulgent environment.

“The novelty of the hotel room is going to stimulate dopamine transmission in the brain, which pays a big role in arousal and sexual excitement,” he says.

When we check in to a hotel room, we ‘check out’ of real life for a while, and this stress-relieving move adds to the sexual intensity.

He explains: “For sexual arousal to occur, especially in women, parts of the brain associated with anxiety and stress need to turn off.

“So I often advise couples to turn their bedroom into a love nest that’s free from distractions. I think a hotel – as a sort of generic luxury – automatically helps people tune out the anxiety.

“There aren’t photos of kids, bills that need to be paid, books that need to be read; you’re in a place out of time, out of your life. And the shutting down or the pushing away of that anxiety, creating a boundary of anxiety and stressors of everyday life, is going to contribute to sexual arousal.”

The sense of getting away from it all also adds to the idea of treating yourself, and can therefore increase arousal.

According to Yahoo News, Kerner added: “There’s a psychological mindset when people check into a hotel that they can pamper themselves,”

“There’s something a little luxurious, languorous, and sumptuous about a hotel that lends itself to feeling sexual.”

Ref. source:


So what do you say sweetheart? Shall we make reservations for two
say that we’re going to the store and bid family adeiu?

It will just be for a minute or two. Let’s tell them that we have a mandator meeting.
With whom? I don’t know. Ok, let’s stick to “the sto’– and lets be haste because time is fleeting.

I’d do it. I’m risky. I do have the gall.
ME [to fam]:¬†¬†Listen up –¬†I gotta make a run y’all.

It’s that simple.
I smile and use my finger to make a dimple.

And then I’d quickly exit the joint
to room 315 at lovers point.

It certainly sounds like fun to me, but I won’t have many houseguests to nourish or churn,
I’m Qui
Prepping for the day of THANKS and my “light guest list” ensures room for my holiday¬†caloric burn.

Heyyyyy! Happy Hump Day babies!