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Good Morning Monday!

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Good-Morning-MondayGood Morning Monday, what have you got up for me today?
I’m ready to comprehend, I’m ready to play.

I’m ready to make a statement, I do have a say.
I’m hard on my work. I’m hard on my play. ūüėÄ

And today, dear Monday, I’m just happy to be alive.
I’m thankful for days passed; the love did thrive.

I woke up this morning at approximately 4
with no thieves, no police trolling my door.

I knelt down to pray, then up to make a cup of jo.
My mind on the now and the future; on the to and the fro.

Yo!¬†Yo! Yo, I’m up for it.
There’s purpose out there and I’m trying to score it.

Life? I adore it. What have you got up today?
Be good to yourself, put negativity away —

even if it’s a person that you usually see everyday.
#SelfPreservation is yours. Be convinced and sway.

Make it a Good Morning Monday and join me in feeling great!
I’m Qui
Encouraging thee to #SelfPreserve and revel in the GOOD on your plate.

Start the week off the way you want it to end.
Good Morning Monday! I’m charting for the #WIN!



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Yesterday was filled with family and friends —
and for the first time in my life I ate Thanksgiving Dinner¬†and didn’t sin.

Hallelujah and Amen.
I got down on that cornish hen

then the chicken, then the steak.
I fixed a supple 500 calorie plate.

I didn’t eat it all, but I cleared out all veggies.
I ate smart, I ate clean – I aim not to get hefty.qui-thanksgiving-2015

Or should I say “heftier?” No sir, I’ve no interest.
I’m in search of a smaller size, a much fitter mistress.

And so yesterday was an awesome THANKSGIVING and today I wake up to see
every consumer in the world is feeling beautiful and BLACK like ME.

Ooo wee. Fridays are my favorite day and the day after Thanksgiving rocks.
I’m Qui
with open arms, inviting you to be like me. I’m BLACK, it’s Friday and it’s time to SHOP.

Keep making the thankful moments with fam and friends.
Have fun out there shopping – don’t spend all of your ends.

BLACK Friday is a lot Like ME.


Have you ever seen this film?

Bedroom Workouts = MASSIVE Caloric Burn

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twister-gameBedroom Workouts = MASSIVE Caloric Burn if you do it long enough, so get that stamina up! Nothing says loving like something from the oven, but please forget not to¬†forego the¬†“love handles.” Therefore I’m taking it upon myself to mention some KEY MOVES that may remind you that you have all of the calorie burning tools that you need to emerge from this Thanksgiving Holiday a finer, fitter, more svelt chap — if not at the very least it’ll help you maintain and not gain.


Oh and I forgot to mention that if you have a Boo, it’s FREE! Nothing could be finer¬†than¬†the two of you – after a steady string of daily copulation emerging fitter. The caloric burn can be quite significant but not nearly as much as the honest to goodness internal workout you give your blood vessels, your heart and your lungs — especially during climax.

Don’t be quiet. Put this finger somewhere else:

Let loose and verbally respond in the bedroom. Moan if you don’t have the words. It’s all good.

If this is your “usual behavior” — carry on solider, but for the rest of us that get carried away with “life” that we forget the “duvet fight” — this is for us. Holidays are your days buddy.

But maybe you’re wondering like, what room will you occupy – since the house will be full of family, friends and puberty pimpled teens? Good question. Ruth Doherty of AOL’s travel scene suggests getting a room. Why not? You’ve been together so long, you’re married, the holidays are being held at your house? All of these reasons are even better reasons to GET A ROOM. Ruth has researched the issue and has this to say about it:

Why hotel sex really is better than regular sex
Ever noticed that before? Well, you were right…

just-a-hotel-roomIf you’ve ever thought that sex is better in a hotel room, you weren’t just imagining things.

Ian Kerner, psychotherapist, sex counsellor, and author of “She Comes First” has told the Huffington Post why.

He says there are chemical responses that occur in our brains when we have sex in a hotel bed, that don’t necessarily happen in our own bedrooms.

He explains it’s all about the new exciting and indulgent environment.

“The novelty of the hotel room is going to stimulate dopamine transmission in the brain, which pays a big role in arousal and sexual excitement,” he says.

When we check in to a hotel room, we ‘check out’ of real life for a while, and this stress-relieving move adds to the sexual intensity.

He explains: “For sexual arousal to occur, especially in women, parts of the brain associated with anxiety and stress need to turn off.

“So I often advise couples to turn their bedroom into a love nest that’s free from distractions. I think a hotel – as a sort of generic luxury – automatically helps people tune out the anxiety.

“There aren’t photos of kids, bills that need to be paid, books that need to be read; you’re in a place out of time, out of your life. And the shutting down or the pushing away of that anxiety, creating a boundary of anxiety and stressors of everyday life, is going to contribute to sexual arousal.”

The sense of getting away from it all also adds to the idea of treating yourself, and can therefore increase arousal.

According to Yahoo News, Kerner added: “There’s a psychological mindset when people check into a hotel that they can pamper themselves,”

“There’s something a little luxurious, languorous, and sumptuous about a hotel that lends itself to feeling sexual.”

Ref. source:


So what do you say sweetheart? Shall we make reservations for two
say that we’re going to the store and bid family adeiu?

It will just be for a minute or two. Let’s tell them that we have a mandator meeting.
With whom? I don’t know. Ok, let’s stick to “the sto’– and lets be haste because time is fleeting.

I’d do it. I’m risky. I do have the gall.
ME [to fam]:¬†¬†Listen up –¬†I gotta make a run y’all.

It’s that simple.
I smile and use my finger to make a dimple.

And then I’d quickly exit the joint
to room 315 at lovers point.

It certainly sounds like fun to me, but I won’t have many houseguests to nourish or churn,
I’m Qui
Prepping for the day of THANKS and my “light guest list” ensures room for my holiday¬†caloric burn.

Heyyyyy! Happy Hump Day babies!

Eating clean omits bathroom scene…

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scene-omissionOh my goodness gracious child, the weekend was great!
I had a lot of steak on my health conscious plate.

I’ve run into an issue on my clean eating¬†diet,
I ¬†add no fat or oils¬†–¬†my system is stoically quiet.

Not quite the potpourri riot one would think – poo is very necessary.
And to eat so well and have no potty spell can be a little scary.

Oh my goodness gracious child, are we talking about poo?
Yes honey love – this is what grown folks do. ūüėÄ

It’s not a party topic – not really.
But to act like you don’t do¬†it – is to be bloated with silly.

Any who when you don’t poo, sometimes your body needs a kick start.
A big juicy sirloin steak is considered choice smart.

It invigorates your body to start working internally to process it through
and within a few hours you’ll be well¬†to take a potty spell and¬†do what you do.

Or so I have read.
I ate the steak. I have been fed.

I’m down 20 pounds since my kid went off to school.
It’s easy to forfeit fast food – no pressure to be cool

when you don’t have a skinny-mini teen riding shotgun.
I miss her like crazy but eating clean is so much fun.

Even though poo has eluded me for days now
my weight is down 4 pounds (in a week) anyhow.

You do the math. I don’t understand at all.
To write about it, and not be shy about it? Yes I have the gall.

You know I am family to y’all and I endeavor to keep it real.
Eating organic meats and fresh raw green leaves seems to be my fit niche deal.

I’m loving the way my body feels and I’m pushing to make it better.
I know it’s time to put on a sweater, still I’m looking forward to Spring weather.

And so we are days away from that holiday of thanks
I’ll be heading up dinner, I’m the female with rank.

The kid will come and will likely invited friends.
I’ll be the cutie in heels cooking cornish hens.

But we shan’t eat a thing until we pay the “sweat cost”
of running early in the morning in the Gilbert Turkey Trot.

It’s going down.
I’m ready to pound the 5K ground.

After such run we will come home, eat, watch a movie or go shopping.
I’m Qui
And I won’t stop until I cop a way to re-insert that bathroom scene.

Viva La France!

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puttin-on-the-ritzSometimes life hands you rays of sunshine and today is one.
Paris caught the culprit and the terror invoked us to love.

Who’d have thought? When their intentions were to serve up divisiveness and hate?
The mere fact that NATIONS are focusing on “terroristic acts” ensures the terrors, one fate.

So many nations up their whoozah and in their face — no glory for any side to boast or floss.
Though the point “Screw with us & we’ll ‘disable¬†your joints‘, seems to be the general cost.

France found the culprit and they did more than give him a disability jolt.
They took their terror to Abaaoud’s door, shot him and then his cousin blew a hole in the flo.’

Sharp shooters took him out from far away just as police were busting in.
The cousin strapped with¬†a suicide vest and an automatic clip — began to start up her end.

She fired off a few rounds and a female French police officer went down.
Then Abaaoud’s cousin¬†blew herself up, because she knew the law was finna’¬†clown.

spinning news paper

The female cousin may not have been the bomber, just his kin.

The story is still evolving and your girl Qui is watching updates.
The Parisian law will evaluate the cost and piece together events of yesterday.

And they are. No resident Рdead or alive Рwill be hid.
Parisian tally: 2 terrorists meet their eternal exit. Life: rid.

8 others were rounded up. I reckon they were found in the rubble.
So what did we learn? Yes, fire does burn and “cutting up” isn’t worth the trouble.

Now, if you’re blue
And you don’t know where to go to
Why don’t you go where fashion sits
Puttin’ on the Ritz

That goes double for Paris and be sure to have your “good behavior hat” on.
Live happy and safe and sing the words of the ritzy song.

But if anyone¬†should find themselves, at any point, wanting to do something different —
“thoughts of terroristic acts to commit” – is not what you want to simmer and sit in.

I suggest the “fake it -’til you make it‘ grin. Do whatever you need to do
to make it through, to live a good long life and reap a long and sweet adieu.

Live in the “make peace” ¬†lane or don’t even come to Washington, DC or New York.
I’m Qui
Taking a lesson from Paris? Oui! Resist terrorizing and maintain a beating heart.

Stay tuned to the terror attacks that are currently going on in Mali too.
Regardless of what others are doing, PRAY for them and yearn not to ‘do what they do.’

PS..Recently I saw a movie trailor of which the name I am reclined,
 Victor Frankenstein is COMING; thus this jam was on my mind.

Respond with LOVE; A kiss and a hug.

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Surely you saw that awesome FRENCH demonstration in the crowded streets of Paris Monday morning as MSNBC’s Erica Hill covered the story. You didn’t?

It was both dramatic and very “French like” in my theatrical mind¬†as I sit¬†in¬†the confines of southwest USA. Paris, to me, represents the city of light; it’s the city of love, so when a demonstration broke out exhibiting a man with an [infinity] ethnic¬†print scarf completely wrapped around his face and neck standing stoic in the center of the mass crowd as various Parisians approached him, kissed him and hugged him. It was a silent¬†statement piece. It said to me,

We know this is an act of Muslim terrorism, but we still love you [Muslims].

Napoleon was a Frenchman so I didn’t take the show of humanity to be a ‘turning of the cheek‘ kind of love, but more of a “We know the distinction between terrorists and the spreading of bad energy —¬†from the distinction of good people, just trying to make a good life for themselves.”

We know that all Muslims aren’t bad but the hell that the bad ones are wreaking must be thwarted. I don’t know where to begin in suggesting a strategy on HOW TO comprehend, confront or correct the issue, but higher heads need to prevail. I am confident that we are headed in the right direction with the course that our country is on. Resolution isn’t always swift. God bless our friends in France, Africa and beyond that are (and have been) enduring the same activity for sometime now.


To service members of all of the great countries that will take a stand to stop the mayhem:
My prayers are with you the most because I appreciate you and I do give a damn.

I know it isn’t an easy conquer to face down the unknown.
But Bad ain’t wearing a condom and his seeds are sewn.

Yet his virus isn’t full blown but he’s infecting daily.
Children are being recruited via social media — Its crazy!

Where did we go so wrong that our kids would want to sign up
to strap themselves with arsenal and blow up folks in a public cut?

Collectively? It must be, because from many societies their [recruit] list grows.
Here and abroad we cry out “Good Lord! They’re taking our babies¬†souls.”

But to lay down, take it and roll?
I’m going to say that is a NO-NO.

I look forward to a better day coming.
I look forward to harmony humming.

I look forward to the day when all people feel that thier life is worth living.
I send to all peace, love, resolution and healing.

Today the French are dealing. The terrorists said they are coming for Washington, DC next.
It sounded a bit like a terroristic pitch with a long-shot plea to connect.

I don’t know yo. I don’t. – But I do trust in God and am sure all will turn out well.
I’m Qui
Do I love the French? Oui!! I am their namesake “Who,” — if you had not heard my¬†tale.

Hugs. Love. War.
 They're all verbs.

Mickey Monday

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  • addtext_com_MTY1NTA5MjQ2MDU5Slip me a few… may as well, you – because today I’m bound to cut up.
    My life so fertile, I’ve lost my girdle and with #GoodEating I’m in love.

I consumed 2 heads of lettuce a day then fajita wrapped my weekend.
Pounds are falling off of my 5’2 frame like a salvation ditches sin.

Y’all, I’m all in. I feel great on this Monday morning,
as if somebody slipped me a Mickey, at the start of wake yawning.

Yo, yo, yo! What’s good people? It’s 5am in Arizona today.
I’m bright eyed, got a big smile and I’m up for productive play.

Let’s start off with a cup of jo and couple it with something fulling to eat.
I don’t have much of an a.m. appetite so I’m going for a cup of strawberries.

Todays schedule is full, so I better take snacks along with me
but I shan’t leave this house without hitting this elliptical machine.

Yes sir, old habits are a blur. I enjoy the burn. Yippee and Ooo wee!
I have not joined a gym, good eating & movement is responsible for the new Qui.

Yippee-yum-yay! Happy Monday! Please let my health energy infect you via literal breeze.
I’m Qui
Excited about the good health of “we”. On this Monday let me slip you this energetic Mickey.

Won’t you sip with me and let us together diminish¬†our waist – to shed future ill sorrows.
I know the holidays are fast approaching today, but¬†ol’ girl¬†Spring is coming tomorrow.


Make my Mickey ORGANIC. ūüėÄ


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My goodness, my word
have you seen this show or heard?

It’s got my man Jeffrey Donovan in it, from “Notice” — um, “Burn.”
He’s in character so deep, it’s hard to believe it was learned.

TBS birthed BURN NOTICE but FX is the network bringing the whoa
that is a recollection of real events that collided in or with FARGO.

Have you seen the show? We’re in pretty deep and this is just season two.
Meaning if you’ve got the guts, there’s still time to catch up – for you.

Me? What about me? What can I tell you about the show…
Well it’s all action and less fashion and a whole lot of mortal whoas.

Uh! and Oh! Рboth star in this show, aka their nickname is Mayhem.
So many subplot stories herein, the whole platform is bound to cave-in.

Sin-on-top-of-Sin…. each primary trying to cover it up in the FARGO snow.
The cop, the butcher, the prosecutor and the mafia bosses are all “A GO!”

And to even think about turning every party in to face the legal bar,
Sheriff — was advised by another legal man to do so is equivalent to “FUBAR.”

FUBAR? You know what the 5-letter acronym stands for and bet,
the sheriff was warned of pending harm; this case is ‘a sign-off to your death.’

At anytime, either one of the cast could be a “fatal no show.”
The storyline is based off of true events and lo

the family names have been changed to protect the survivors.
If I were a survivor of such events, I’d tell the stories of neither.

The storyline is so fantastic I cringe even harder when I inhale “it is true.”
Todays headlines have nothing on yesterdays FARGO crimes¬†— and that’s the current day truth.

But let satellite news tell it — and my goodness, in todays life of crime, [America scoffs] “We have never!
I solute the producers and writers, those Fargo exciters – I think your display of history is clever.

Hulu has the full episodes and it’s not too late for you to catch up,
that is if you have the imagination…that is if you have the historical guts.
The contents of this show are A-1 #CutUp.

I caught the end of the first season by chance;
however from day 1, season 2 and I have danced.

What are you watching this Fall? What historical info do you know?
I’m Qui
digging a little TV and the historical recollections of FARGO.
FXHD puts on a heck of a show!

Who’s the naughtiest

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3 years, 9 months ago Journal 930 reported on a study,

Is it the Dem or the Repub? 
Seems the elephant gets a lot of love.

In the article on Journal 930 they concluded
Repubs have the best sex — the “ass” has eluded.

How did they prove this? Likely by a polling of peeps.
I did my own study and I don’t mind if I speak.

republican-loverSo from what I DO know, (and let none of this is visceral),
but I’m most turned on by opposites & I am a liberal.

Yep, good ol’ “live and let live” but it’s something about that intellectual fire
that is invoked in me when I meet a conservative on those “talking points” of hire.

You know… those pesky “points” that connects their joints from their ¬†party’s base?
If you can’t see clear of the rhetorical fear – be eaten or get out of my face.

Bold elephants stand firm and remain in their place.
An internal fire goes off – I’m ready to win the race.

A race on INTELLECTUAL grounds.
The elephant and I can go round for rounds.

I’m not into the political social tape,
so I bring topics home — what’s going on in YOUR personal space?

The conversations we have, the debates, what have you,
makes for excellent romping grounds —¬† bound¬†thoughts of subdue.

It’s true. Nothing works on me more than a challenge…
But then those Democratic minds yield an attractive balance.

The way that they care and their compassionate hearts –
yields a moistening position at the foundational start.

Caring about the whole and not just about their political par-ty
invokes a girl to produce enough moisture to lay argument on pee.
Ooo weee. ūüėÄ

democrat-loverHuman compassion agendas and pushing to change for the better
turns me on including acknowledging issues about our weather.

Some argue that Military Men Make THE BEST LOVERS

Democrats give it and are working hard to control the climate.
Republicans beg to differ, continue to resist it and thrive on acting up.

That is not sexy, but it is some sort of intriguing fight.
I hope James Carlin rules all over Mary every night. ūüėČ

They’ve been married for 22-years and so opposites DO attract.
I wonder if “the stance and fight” had anything to do with that?

Still why is it that folk would think Republicans have the best sex?
I suppose it’s important for a square to have a way to de-vex.

¬†The sexy Mila Kunis begs to differ — Dems have the motion, Repubs are stiffer…

They exercise “their all” in monogamy and platonic bedrooms¬†
then take the “party talking points” right into the board rooms.

WHY? Why? Why with the talking points fight?
Just be the cool you — that you are at night.

Easy going, giving. Loving and willing to do.
What happens to you when you get with your crew?

It’s a “celebration of romps” for the Democrat to undo that every night!
I’m Qui
and I think inside of BOTH there resides a sexy and lust-uous fight.

I guess I’m a Republican fan when you turn off the lights.


Mayhem’less Monday

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super-hero-womenAnd so all of the weekend long
I remained strong & in my dome.

I watched a little TV & went out a short bit.
I ate so caloric little – I thought I’d have a fit.

Yeah I’m on a health kick but dare I say
I couldn’t even eat my lettuce because of TMJ.

I do say¬†— but that has gone away
and your girl Qui is a skinnier she on this health kick sway.

I’m happy, I’m healthy and out looking for MORE good
So I perused for bright spots via the Internet hood.

And I’m glad that I did – peep what i’ve found –
There’s some nourishing GOOD going on¬†in the Flagstaff town:



To read more about it – Click HERE or on the pic,
This is positive proof of NAU’s Project: GIVE.

There’s so much life to live – someone didn’t wake up today
So as hard as you remember to work, please don’t forget your play.

But when it comes to politics – they ain’t playing & it ain’t funny.
Each candidate is on the hustle for top billing, power & money.

Sister Carly Fiorina, Im gonna have to have your back.
Your intelligence more than makes-up-for what your smile may lack.

How dare folks stack like that on your visual reflection???
The hair of Trump? Christies fat rump? I see “uglier” connections.

Your intellect is beautiful and I want to credit you
for the connecting response you gave to Joy on The View.
Yay YOU!

Kick ass & vie swiftly for the head of the class.carly-fiorina
Waters mid-way; how do you see your glass?

Go for it!
You’ve got the GOODS to score it!

I may not share her political views but forget not that WE ARE SISTERS.
You don’t see this topic of nonsense between the political misters.

Let’s get it together ladies if we are to have any kind of sister hood at all.
We love jumping “the new picked-on” – not realizing it’s OUR OWN historical FALL.

hillary-clinton-jimmy-kimmelI feel the same way about Hillary Clinton – why are women in a race to hate on her?
Do unto others as you’d have done unto you… suddenly YOUR OWN LIFE becomes a blur.

Choose not to stand by, respect and understand women? Then choose the same for you.
While women are insulting women, men are winning the race and bidding us adu.

I love a woman who won’t succumb to the poo.
We need more unity between me and you.

I think Carly’s response strengthened her stance in dimension.
Also, I’ve got more good to divvy on my new ‘health kick system.’

So I’ve been EATING CLEAN since about June, but more seriously since September.
I have currently lost 15 pounds and am seeing a NEW ME I barely remember.


I quit all processed foods, I don’t even use canned goods.
I let go of the chocolate candy and became a new girl in this hood.

I feel great and I’m happy. Being good to my body is my play,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee. I bid you well on this Mayhem’less Monday.