Sex at 40 – Good Lordy!

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Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord, my soul to keep.

For once I arise – my sweet soul awake
I pray a “ROMP-ful breakfast” to be my fate.


 Rising at 40.
Like Hip Hop – IT DON’T STOP

Well Lordy, Lordy,
Qui is 40 


A wise P-Diddy once said, “And we don’t stop. Cause we can’t stop.” — He’s right, we can not. Turning 40 means you made it through the knuckle-head riffraff race, picked up speed, gained some wisdom, even grew a gray hair or two, but still nothing has changed about your insatiable appetite for sex. I’m here to confirm with you and tell you that “It’s okay that your sexual dial has not lowered and that the volume has not decreased much. TURN DOWN FOR WHAT??? Never turn down anything but the covers in the bedroom – and once you’re snug between sheet and duvet, TURN UP!

Let’s call today, “Mate Up Monday.” Today is a good day to go-for-it again, but just in case you’re in your 40-somethings head with inhibitions I’m divvying out the last 20 tips on 40 Things You Should Know About Sex By Age 40, and they are:

21. Money isn’t everything…
…but when it comes to sex, it certainly helps. Women who had wealthy husbands or boyfriends reported having more orgasms than those who didn’t, according to a 2009 survey by the University of Newcastle in England.

22. Good kissing is a good sign.
Studies show that women tend to assess a relationship by how skilled his smooching is. And they’re more likely to have sex with a man who does it well. Check out the best reason to share a kiss (or more!) tonight.

23. Ladies first.
You’re likely to be eager—if not aching—to give right after you’ve received. So everyone wins if he gets you off first.

24. Intercourse doesn’t cut it.
In case you thought you were the only one, you’ll want to know that nearly one-third of women don’t have orgasms during intercourse. That’s because thrusting rarely stimulates the clitoris, our most reliable source for the ultimate pleasure.

25. Less sex means more work.
If you’re not having sex, what are you doing with your time? Chances are, you’re working more. Men and women both turn to work to fill the void when they have sex less than once a week, according to a survey of 32,000 people by the University of Gottingen in Germany. Bo-RING.

26. A little cleavage goes a long way.
Do you really think you look hot with your shirt buttoned up to your chin? Or a T-shirt shrouding your tankini? Get over yourself already. You may have stretch marks and spider veins everywhere else, but with the right support, your boobs can still hold their own. So let ’em show, and you’ll feel sexier than you have in a long time.

27. Making the first move…
is as much a turn on for you as it is for him.

28. It’s not you…it’s him.
Contrary to popular belief, men aren’t always ready and raring to go—especially middle-aged men. Many go through their own form of menopause as their testosterone levels start to drop. After the age of 40, testosterone levels decline approximately 1% per year, with a steep drop between the ages of 45 and 50. So if he takes longer or is less gung-ho, go easy on him…and yourself. (Are testosterone drugs worth it? One man gets candid with his experience.)

29. He doesn’t care if you can’t quite button your pants.
He really doesn’t.

30. His nipples are as much fun as yours.
Imagine if your partner never touched your nipples during foreplay or sex. Ignored them entirely. Well, why are you ignoring his? Men’s nipples are as important to them as yours are to you. Slightly more than half of the men surveyed in a 2006 study by the University of Sheffield in England said nipple stimulation caused or enhanced their arousal. But only 17% ever asked for it.

31. Nobody wants to hear about it.
Spare your friend, sister, college roommate and, especially, your colleague the details of your sex life. It might have been fun to compare notes in your 20s, but as a grown woman, it’s embarrassing and just plain gross. Put yourself in their shoes: Do you really want them to picture you and your husband doing it on the roof?

32. Smutty is sexy.
Dirty talk (aka “Aural Sex”) is a real turn-on for some couples. It can be as clean or raunchy as you both like. Just make sure you know where your partner draws the line between dirty and disgusting.


33. Casual sex isn’t for everyone.
Brief casual sex encounters may sound like a kick, but for many women, they’re not a great experience. In a 2008 study by the University of Durham in England, only 54% of the women who’d had a one-night stand had positive feelings about it. Surprise, surprise: 85% of men thought it was just dandy.

34. Anything goes.
Brief casual sexual encounters may sound like a kick, but for many women, they’re not a great experience. In a 2008 study by the University of Durham in England, only 54% of the women who’d had a one-night stand had positive feelings about it. Surprise, surprise: 85% of men thought it was just dandy.

35. The toes have it.
Next time you go down on your mate, go way down. If you haven’t discovered this already, toes are one of the key erogenous zones for both men and women, along with fingers, earlobes and the back of the knees.

36. He doesn’t care if you haven’t showered.
He’s just happy to be having sex. Wouldn’t you be?

37. It’s not you…
…it’s your hormones. Let us count the ways perimenopause can mess up your sex life:

• Your period lasts forever: you bleed like a stuck pig for seven days, and stain for another three
• Your sex drive has shriveled up
• You’re as dry as dust
• Your mood swings like a wrecking ball

Still, it could be worse. Get through it with grace with a little help from this Ultimate Guide To Menopause.

38. Romance can last forever… or at least for a long time.
New research shows that long-term relationships can keep their sexual chemistry, intensity and engagement going strong. If they’re missing the passion of short-term relationships, that’s probably a good thing, according to a 2009 study by Stony Brook University in California. That means they’re also free of anxiety and insecurity.

39. Marrieds do it more.
Believe it or not, if you’re married, you’re having more sex than single people.
That may not be saying much—the average of times that married people have sex is 69 per year. But that’s nine more than single people do, according to a study by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago. And by now, you’re old enough to know that quality counts more than quantity.

40. He thinks you’re hot…
…just the way you are. Get moist from the knowledge & go for it tonight!

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And so with that, you’ve plenty of fuel
to hit the boudoir uninhibited for an interlude dual.

Count me in – I am the author of this write,
I’m Qui
and how can I encourage thee without trying it first – right? 😀

Good Monday Morning.
I added a big smile to my yawning.

 Make Love - Not War.
 #WinTheDay early
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