Mickey Monday

In Communication, fitness, Griot, Self Improvement, weightloss on November 16, 2015 at 4:58 am
  • addtext_com_MTY1NTA5MjQ2MDU5Slip me a few… may as well, you – because today I’m bound to cut up.
    My life so fertile, I’ve lost my girdle and with #GoodEating I’m in love.

I consumed 2 heads of lettuce a day then fajita wrapped my weekend.
Pounds are falling off of my 5’2 frame like a salvation ditches sin.

Y’all, I’m all in. I feel great on this Monday morning,
as if somebody slipped me a Mickey, at the start of wake yawning.

Yo, yo, yo! What’s good people? It’s 5am in Arizona today.
I’m bright eyed, got a big smile and I’m up for productive play.

Let’s start off with a cup of jo and couple it with something fulling to eat.
I don’t have much of an a.m. appetite so I’m going for a cup of strawberries.

Todays schedule is full, so I better take snacks along with me
but I shan’t leave this house without hitting this elliptical machine.

Yes sir, old habits are a blur. I enjoy the burn. Yippee and Ooo wee!
I have not joined a gym, good eating & movement is responsible for the new Qui.

Yippee-yum-yay! Happy Monday! Please let my health energy infect you via literal breeze.
I’m Qui
Excited about the good health of “we”. On this Monday let me slip you this energetic Mickey.

Won’t you sip with me and let us together diminish our waist – to shed future ill sorrows.
I know the holidays are fast approaching today, but ol’ girl Spring is coming tomorrow.


Make my Mickey ORGANIC. 😀

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