In Communication, Griot, Movies, News, Self Improvement on November 27, 2015 at 6:47 am

Yesterday was filled with family and friends —
and for the first time in my life I ate Thanksgiving Dinner and didn’t sin.

Hallelujah and Amen.
I got down on that cornish hen

then the chicken, then the steak.
I fixed a supple 500 calorie plate.

I didn’t eat it all, but I cleared out all veggies.
I ate smart, I ate clean – I aim not to get hefty.qui-thanksgiving-2015

Or should I say “heftier?” No sir, I’ve no interest.
I’m in search of a smaller size, a much fitter mistress.

And so yesterday was an awesome THANKSGIVING and today I wake up to see
every consumer in the world is feeling beautiful and BLACK like ME.

Ooo wee. Fridays are my favorite day and the day after Thanksgiving rocks.
I’m Qui
with open arms, inviting you to be like me. I’m BLACK, it’s Friday and it’s time to SHOP.

Keep making the thankful moments with fam and friends.
Have fun out there shopping – don’t spend all of your ends.

BLACK Friday is a lot Like ME.


Have you ever seen this film?

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