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listen-quote-larry-kingI have met some pretty fantastic people online and offline, that have fantastic conversation. No matter what topic we are on, they always have the perfect quips, responses, and quotes on hand. These are the most entertaining persons especially when marinated in wisdom.  Proverbial quotes – I like them. They can be witty, instructional and informational all at once. Wisdom does indeed come with age though I have found divine wisdom coming out of the mouths of babes, on a few occasions as well. That’s the best kind of communicative exchange – when you walk away wiser and proactively in thought.

I was raised in the church and I remember when Paster Floyd G. Taylor would preach and the saints were feeling it – they would belt out encouraging remarks like, “SAY THAT!, Tell the truth! and Amen!” Those are my exact sentiments when I fall into the captive conversation of a well versed conversationalist. Now while I can hold my own in verse, I am always in it to learn so the following quotes are a a mixed bag of wisdom, order and musical fad. All of the quotes are enlightening and much can be drawn from them in comprehension. Let’s take a gander at WHO SAID WHAT:

“I might not be someone’s first choice But I am a great choice. I may not be rich but I am valuable. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not because I’m good at being me. I might not be proud of some of the things I’ve done in the past, but I am proud of who I am today. I may not be perfect but I don’t need to be. Take me as I am, or watch me as I walk away. Forget yesterday-it has already forgotten you. Don’t sweat tomorrow- You haven’t even met. Instead, open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift” – Today
[I found this quote on a BlackPlanet profile page].

“Punks jump up to get beat down!”  – Brand Nubian 

“Woman” was the test, but not every woman seemed to qualify. Black women, of course, were virtually invisible within the protracted campaign for woman suffrage. As for white working-class women, the suffrage leaders were probably impressed at first by the organizing efforts and militancy of their working-class sisters. But as it turned out, the working women themselves did not enthusiastically embrace the cause of woman suffrage.”
Angela Y. Davis, Women, Race, & Class

“Bill Cosby is a famous black guy who has a bully pulpit the size of the world; it’s global. He puts his colossal foot on the vulnerable necks of poor people, and as a result of that, we don’t have a balanced conversation.”
Michael Eric Dyson


“Life is a game that must be played” – Fab5Freddy
“Live with a purpose or generally get slayed.” – Qui


I’m definitely into reflections and friends that play that role. I dearly love and value my friends more than gold. I like to think that I’m a simple girl next door, but my astrological sign suggests I that I  may not be so simple at all. I checked in with Yahoo Shine Astrology to see what kind of conversation ‘the stars’ had for a LEO in search of reflection and I found:


“You’re deep in thought on Monday and your heart’s about to pound out of your chest. Whenever you get deep in thought lately, you think of one person in particular. You can’t help what they do to you. Tuesday and Wednesday your heart continues to be a major theme — as do affection, magnificence, warmth, etc. You basically feel like you’re in love with this person and you’re starting to feel confident they may like you back. Thursday and Friday aren’t about love at all — they’re about saving money, figuring out your career plans, etc. — but the weekend is wall-to-wall romance. It’s so fun.”

happy divider

Sounds fun and promising enough – I’m certainly up for it.
And if good conversation is lurking in the vicinity, I’ll be trying to score it!

To be bore-ish is no objective of mine.
I prefer to intertwine in the intellect of the brightest minds.

The aforementioned quoted finds were easy to locate.
Each one in some capacity, ol’ Qui can relate.

From Dallas, to New York, to LA, Phoenix and the boot,
I’ve found plenty of good conversation – a good mind is a hoot!

Speak wisdom and knowledge to me and I will belt out: “SAY THAT!
I’m Qui
To the good conversationist: “Oui! Come with it. I do give back!

Though I must confess, I do delight in “the listen.”
From your head to mine – information sparkles and glistens.


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