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No matter what others are doing, be it wise or fool
maintain your integrity. Maintain your COOL.

Just BE:

Happy Friday Baby,
I’m Qui
That BE COOL lady.



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It’s that time again
and Qui Films is in line to help you win.

Wondering What a CAUCUS is? You’re not alone.
Click the short film and let KNOWLEDGE ride strong:

Yoda and Yoga

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Qui Entertainment Magazine

The two have more in common than just the sound of their name. Both are in a relationship with the force of the body and wisdom. I’m not a die hard STAR WARS fan but I do love Yoda.

When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not.”

Yoda, Return of the Jedi


Very true that quote is, which is exactly why I’m on the chase to sculpt my body into
something fantastic this year. I’m quite excited fitness. I’ve been working out on an average of 6-days a week. I could probably stand to cut back, but honestly, it’s not strenuous workouts. I hone an elliptical machine for no less than 65-minutes straight each morning. If the latter of the day permits me time, I squeeze in an even lower impact 20 (+) additional minutes– (moderate walking speed). The elliptical machine…

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News Peruse

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News Peruse_of_the_worldNews Peruse, News Peruse, New Peruse!!
A couple of short-legged bird brains ‘done lit my fuse.

I tried to resist, but I could not refuse
and self deprecation isn’t a trait that looks good on you.

Part black man, part foolI’m embarrassed at you.
I ‘done moved to Arizona and am looked upon as the counter reflection of you.


I’m black too, like the Moma that birthed ya.
The hate from your mouth lays waste to the womb that girthed ya.

It hurts ya and it hurts me too
that you would put time in to future shame YOU.

For those that know not just who I am talking about —
I’m speaking of Brennan Clay and Tony Jeffereson and what came from their mouths…

The disrespectful posting from social media accounts – they weren’t too ashamed to share.
Though since it’s gone viral, the backlash has steamrolled and spiraled –
still these boys don’t really care.

One of them has said ‘IT WAS A JOKE’ since his initial nasty post
and the other short-legged Cardinal (Tony Jefferson), made his FB page private and got ghost.

Karma will come back for you two – the most.

The blackness in your genes will stain everything.
Your son will be black and your daughter will be the darkest thing.

She’ll be beautiful to me, hell I am dark too,
but the shame of HER counter-rejection will solely come from YOU!

I know what you’re thinking short-legged boys, you are thinking::
“I’ll marry white and tone down the brown” – that thinking is stinking.

America doesn’t care if you mix the blood of your kids.
The blackened shame in your comments CAN NOT and will not be hid.

Karma has already melanin pressed far beyond your opportunity to play football
and the white family that you want to infuse with in love WILL NOT WANT YOU AT ALL.

Cookies always crumble and fall when you inject self-hatred on a racial fuse.
I’m Qui
Black and hot like a.m. coffee on this NEWS PERUSE.

Tony and Brennan:: you short legged brothers LOSE!
I support K. Michelle in ‘ripping up’ you.

I absolutely consider their posted comments of self hatred on the only sister in the picture to be a


Me and My Baby

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We’re half way into month 1 in 2016.
It’s me and my baby and all that I mean.


35 pounds down – in search of more lean,
lady Oprah and orthers are back on the team.

We’re getting back to a fit scene.
No rhetoric about a dress size or jeans

but more about remolding genes and making them strong.
They said “my family history” called the shots– I proved them wrong.

I couldn’t get down with the “you can’t help it” song.
May we all be fit, live healthy, strong and get along.


Me and my baby – my baby is this year.
I’ll be damned if i accept any more jeers.

Since I am in no ways “damned” but a “ma’am” – I shall be obliged.
2016 is a brand new horse. Join me, por favor and ride.

Me an my baby, theres so much herein to explore and enjoy…
Great adventures for a girl; Fantastic adventures for a boy.

Use the hump of this midweek day to propel YOU.
I’m Qui
saying “Oui, Oui,” – I think this year is YOUR BABY too.

Ooo! Enjoy her cuddle and coo
whilst you “come up on” the 1 and 2.

The Encouraged always Encourage

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Empowerment is for everyone. Everyone should always feel encouraged to be their best and Tavis Smiley concurs by backing you up with Empowerment Cards. We revealed our first card of the empowerment card deck in 2013 – it encouraged you to KNOW; however, now that YOU KNOW – todays card encourages us to beware of the boomerang of WORDS:


Surely you know how it goes down,
What goes around surely comes around.”

So why ever resort to putting someone down
when you know the same derogative comments will come back around?

When you know better, then better is expected
and please know that karma will keep you connected.

You really do need your friends and to reap a good friend, you have to be one,
I’m Qui
Spewing Wisdom in the form of griot – it’s all knowledge, I just make it sound fun.

Be encouraged to speak well of everyone
…or say nothing at all. 😉

Words equate to verbs. 

Empowerment cards dealt prior:

Card#1: KNOW
Card#2: WHEN
Card #4: ASK & RECEIVE


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reading-hand-linesThe heart line is a line read in palmistry, it is the line that’s below the index finger or middle finger (depending on how long yours is) and extends to the edge of your palm underneath your little finger. Match your heart line with the one that most closely matches yours on the image….

A: If your heart line begins below your middle finger, you’re more of a leader. You’re ambitious, independent, intelligent and have the skill to make decisions. You’re less sensitive and more cold to others. You enjoy spending time alone. You make a loyal and true friend, you are a very passionate person when you let people get close to you.

B: If your heart line starts between the middle finger and index finger, you’re a considerate and kind person. You’re hesitant and cautious with new people and find it hard to trust but people tend to naturally trust you. You use common sense in decisions and weigh up the pros and cons before jumping into anything. You have a lot of friends from all kinds of backgrounds.

C: If your heart line goes right across the hand and turns up at the end you tend to give everything to a relationship, you love with all your heart, you put your partner, your family and friends above everything else and want to make them happy. People love to be around you. You have a warmth that make people feel comfortable in your company.

D: If your heart line goes across your whole hand and turns down at the end, You are a person who doesn’t fall in love easily, you want to be with someone who fulfills you heart, mind, body and soul, you won’t settle for anything less, but when you do fall in love you fall hard and deep. Your friends will often turn to you for advice.


Let the light bulbs come on – when you learn something new.
Read HAND LINES not HEADLINES to learn more of you.

It’s novel and fun, but something to think through.
I’m a “C” by all lines and I think the “resolve” is true.

Follow the lines of your hand and see just were it leads you.
I’m Qui
Following my heart and showering those I love — it’s just what I do.

Yep. I love you too!

Humping Good Fashion

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a-lion-is-like-a-LyonThere are a number of fashionable women that showcase on my 55″ flat screen weekly that I love. There’s Olivia Pope, Annalise Keating, the women on RHOA: Phaedra, Porsha and Kenya to name a few, and of course we can’t forget that diva at the top of EMPIRE. My goodness — I’m surrounded and because I’m a workaholic I rely heavily on my DVR to hold the 411 until I can dedicate an entire day to going through 3-4 episodes at a time to peep garment styles. It’s a necessary.

So let’s review a pic or two where hair, make-up and wardrobe all came through. Ooo! Nothings excites me more than:


Besides being an attorney and a funeral home owner Phaedra Parks is “hair and makeup.” I don’t care what this woman is wearing her hair and makeup is always on fleek. Eyebrows, lips and her fabulous eyeshadow color blending is always stunning. Watching Phaedra give me face makes me miss Married to Medicine’s: Quad Lunceford.  I can’t wait for the new season to fire up.

RHOA Kenya

.The USA twirls every time Kenya Moore is doing her thing. Have you ever seen a woman so flawless in action? If you haven’t check her out on BRAVO: Real Housewives of Atlanta every Sunday at 8/7c. I’ll never forget how flawless she looked when she took that lick from Porsha during a reunion episode. She recovered like a true diva with a mouthful of damnation — that played out royally for Porsha at the start of the following season. Kenya is the real deal. I like everything about her. As for those who feel otherwise — they will just have to get over it. I have a feeling she’s on display for the long run.

RHOA_PorshaWhat can I say about this lady? She’s just so darn pretty. Porsha is a member of the RICKY SMILEY MORNING SHOW in addition to being a fashionable, eye candy cast member on the RHOA. From head to toe, this lady knows how to work it! Check out her INSTAGRAM view too: OooLaLa! Porsha lends fashionable insight every time the camera is pointed her way. THANKS Porsha! #ShineON.



.Life is a SCANDAL and you very well know it, but good God I love the way ABC’s Olivia Pope shows it! I can never miss an episode of ‘a day in the life of Olivia Pope.’ The writers, hair, make-up and wardrobe designers are spot on – episodically. And while different retail outlets claim to have an Olivia Pope fashion line,” unless I hear it from the lips of ABC’s Scandal Wardrobe Director that this is her choice, I’m not buying it. Recreating a similar line at an affordable price is a nice try, however, Olivia’s look cut’s no corners and is not cheap. Let the spending scandal begin. #CopTheLook

htgwm_annalisekeatingHow to get away with staying on top of the fashion chain is much tougher than learning HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. Yeah? Sometimes it feels like it may be, but Annalise Keating seems to have no problem staying on top of the a.m. fashion conquer regardless of what mayhem the midnight hour throws her way. Fashion, make-up, stunning shoes and the right wig is crucial. Annalise knows how to “put it on” and get away with it. I like that.

But wait! Don’t nobody move until Cookie comes in!!
Those shoes, that bag, that hat — that grin.

Whenever I feel edgy and want to start a fire,
I channel the fashions of that Diva Cookie, from EMPIRE!

Bossy & Bad — her attire fits the bill.
I resort to Cookies wardrobe for any battle that may be uphill.
Never thwarting the hat or the heels.

Humping Good Fashion is for real.
If you can’t own the streets — you know the deal:


Today is Wednesday and I’m Humping GOOD FASHION.
A guide to what’s right is all I’ve been asking.

I still cop the magazines in the checkout line,
however the RHOA girls make it all come alive.

I DVR a few shows and suddenly my fashion thrives.
Using fashion as revenge is enough to make a girl cry.

I love it. Clean shoes and a nice hat always compliments sweet,
I’m Qui
Visiting the MAC counter for the flawless face of me.

Clothes works wonders,
but the right face brings all the thunder.

The right of an awesome write…

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The right of an awesome write deserves to be blasted all over the internet, every billboard, tack board and forum. Right? So here it is! In all it’s magnificent’ness. Okay “magnificent’ness” is not a word, though in all fairness, most of the words I would have used to describe this piece are words that are included in this piece so I made up a new word to describe it: magnificent’ness.

Enjoy each item of positivity but more importantly utilize them on your child.

I am.


Click the poster to enlarge it.

In the life of your child — you are definitely somebody.
Either you pump them up or it’ll be done by a nobody.

Let’s not be sorry, but rather let us do speak up
before their adolescent ignorance becomes an old age hiccup.

I’m a mother and it is KEY that we impliment more than a few of these 66 lines.
I’m Qui
Encouraging you
to use these on your kids, because God knows I’m going to use them on mine.

Anytime is a good time.

WHAT type of PERSONALITY are you?

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Personality-quizI often say, because it’s important, to KNOW THYSELF. Nothing trumps knowledge of self. So what do you know about you? Below are 50 questions that you can shade gray, black, or whatever color you want to color them. Answer them truthfully and embrace another dimension of yourself.

Me? I’m a C.

This is a personality test, it will help you understand why you act the way that you do and how your personality is structured. Please follow the instructions below, scoring and results are at the bottom of the page.

In the table below, for each statement 1-50 mark how much you agree with on the scale 1-5, where 1=disagree, 2=slightly disagree, 3=neutral, 4=slightly agree and 5=agree, in the box to the left of it.

big-five-personality test

E=20 +(1)___-(6) ___ +(11)___-(16)___+(21)___-(26)___+(31)___-(36)___+(41)___-(46)___ =_____

A=14 -(2)___+(7) ___ -(12)___+(17)___-(22)___+(27)___-(32)___+(37)___+(42)___+(47)___ =_____

C=14 +(3)___-(8) ___ +(13)___-(18)___+(23)___-(28)___+(33)___-(38)___+(43)___+(48)___ =_____

N=38 -(4)___+(9) ___ -(14)___+(19)___-(24)___-(29)___-(34)___-(39)___-(44)___-(49)___ =_____

O=8 +(5)___-(10) ___+(15)___-(20)___+(25)___-(30)___+(35)___+(40)___+(45)___+(50)___ =_____

The scores you calculate should be between zero and forty. Below is a description of each trait.

Extroversion (E) is the personality trait of seeking fulfillment from sources outside the self or in community. High scorers tend to be very social while low scorers prefer to work on their projects alone.
Agreeableness (A) reflects much individuals adjust their behavior to suit others. High scorers are typically polite and like people. Low scorers tend to ‘tell it like it is’.
Conscientiousness (C) is the personality trait of being honest and hardworking. High scorers tend to follow rules and prefer clean homes. Low scorers may be messy and cheat others.
Neuroticism (N) is the personality trait of being emotional.
Openness to Experience (O) is the personality trait of seeking new experience and intellectual
pursuits. High scores may day dream a lot. Low scorers may be very down to earth.

[Ref. Source:]


Roll Tide took it home! The Championship was played
and Clemson proved to be “second best” –  they got slayed.

To realize that YOU ARE THE BEST … anytime is a good time to find out.
To know thyself is better than wealth. Lifes struggle is a knowledge bout .

And so on this fantastic Tuesday that is so early in our week
I’m up early on “personality” – I’m up early on knowing me.

Yes! I took the test and I think I faired pretty well and on key,
According to my score I’m hardly a chore – but a Conscientiousness (C).


Yes sir, I think it’s me! I scored a 16 out a possible 2 x 20.
When it comes to plans successfully executed – I have plenty.

Early in this year of 2016 I’m charting new goals.
I’m a Conscientious person — a sort of Alchemist making gold.
To push and succeed is the make-up of my soul.
When lifes punches come – I stick, move and roll.

Please be frank with me, What type of Personality are you?
I’m Qui
Happy Tuesday baby, KNOW THYSELF and do what you do.

I’m rooting for you.
Kissers are into it

#Knowledge is #Knowing.