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“It takes two to make a thing go right.
It takes two to make it out of sight…”

Rob Base said it and here are a few folk that immediately come to mind who are holding true to it:

Barack & Michelle Obama
Will & Jada Smith
Yolaunda & Trey Webster
Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin
Denzel & Paulette Washington
Samuel L & LaTanya Jackson
Kirk Franklin & Tammy Collins
Creflo Dollar & Taffi  [see video]
Angela Bassett & Courtney Vance  [see video]


Trey & Yolaunda Webster since 1989

The couples skate, the couples dance, the couples walk.
A lot of people say “the vows” – but these folks walk-the-talk.

They ‘done put in many years
surpassed the jeers
chalked up more cheers
and forfieted “an exit” like many of their peers.
Facing life, reinforced — lessening fears…

It can be good. I know bout it too.
There’s something to be said for “sticking like glue.”

It ain’t easy – whoever said that was lying.
Marriage is the bombs of a success when BOTH are trying.

Will Smith is film pimping
not “many suitors” limping.

And if he is, Jada ain’t telling.
I think all is well & love is swelling.


LaTanya & Sameul L. Jackson since 1980

Samuel L‘s success
was sharpened by working with the best.

It looks likes it so easy – it ain’t fair.

Stop drifting (in thought) over greener grass —
Samuel L had a substance issue & LaTanya stayed in that ass.

Ah, the couples dance. It’s not always pretty,
but to have left Sam at his low would have been a real and reel pity.

Life choices are 50/50, my advice, DO PAIR UP WELL.
Mean who you choose and settle in to enjoy love for a spell.


Courtney Vance & Angela Bassett since 1997

Marriage is a challenge – it’s also a reward.
To forego partnering up also proves to be hard.

Pray to the Lord that your love in a marriage – seals.
Pray that you reap a long couples dance like Bill & Camille.

Key BLACK HISTORY Subjects that time has gracefully carried
MUST be highlighted in our culture – DO Celebrate The MARRIED.

I’m Qui, Celebrating and never hating.
We’re all connected and due for relating.


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