Key BLACK HISTORY Subjects: The Wrongfully Accused – Knowledge.

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Anthony Ray Hinton ALABAMA 1985-2015

Huey Newton CALIFORNIA 1967-1970

James Joseph Richardson FLORIDA 1967-1989

Clarence Harrison GEORGIA 1986-2004

Anthony Charles Graves TEXAS 1992-2011

Bennett Barbour VIRGINIA 1978-2012

The NAACP said:

All that I’m saying is that Kunta Kenta went to jail –
so did MLK but he kept making bail. 😀

To shoot for a life above legal board may systematically be shot to hell.
Karma will deal with obstacles don’t let that stop you from charting well.

Being black is not a prerequisite for a rap sheet.
Live happy & pray for grace; God will always fill-in the gap & meet.

Sometimes it takes longer to be exonerated than others
and while behind bars buried are your family, your lovers….

There’s no quality emboldened in that picture.
to the WRONGFULLY ACCUSED: God won’t forget ya.’

Though the law and “a jury of your peers” might.
STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR CREATOR – don’t lose sight of light.

I know it’s hard but good Lord, take comfort in the “cleared” afore mentioned.
Their stories are not a blip – but noteworthy #BlackHistory indentions.

No amount of wrongful suit compensation will give them back their time.
These injustices are plague our culture. They wax undue shame on our collective shine.

It’s high time we let that stigmatism go.
This website is PROOF of WHY – do behold:


There are so many more good people bearing the stigma of former inmates,
I’m Qui
Celebrating Knowledge and #BlackHistory at every overturned case.

Don’t worry about the motives of those that put you there –
Just know that your community is aware and that we DO care.

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