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"From the time that you were born until the day that you die, 
 we'll always look after you - our love will be nigh."


I birthed that quote unto my children when they were small.
My Mom said a similar thing and then she took care of it all.

Moms loves you. Don’t question it. Their motives are strong and on the double.
She’s there to block and there to stop all bad habits that will lead you to trouble.

You are the love child of two and born into a society that pulls for your “short.”
Society can’t replace your community, so they infiltrated us via the courts.

Growing up – you didn’t see dad much? He never fully knew what to do.
Black males were brought to the USA to birth more slaves through.

It’s true, but not pretty
It’s true and it’s our history.

When the slaves were freed and sent on their way
many were already parents who faced a whole new day.

Slave dad never worked to provide– he worked “making babies” for the master,
so when tasked to take care for his own family ’tis was a new and riddled chapter.

Dad was brought to America to spawn children so that slave owners had more slaves to work.
Pre-Proclamation of Emancipation – black dad was well versed in “bedding & being a flirt.”

He was not rehabilitated or educated. He was left to provide with no mule or land.
He was left to his own devices to catch up to the white man.

And then there was the KKK clan and enforced laws that made it hard to survive.
New freedom and a chance at life was pricey– Our ancestors just wanted to thrive.

YOU know the rest, how things evolved or did not evolve — and how we’ve arrived here.
A lot of ancestors died for YOU so that you wouldn’t have to live intimidated or in fear.


To our sons:  Since you didn’t come over in a slave ship surely you know familial law,
if you are more concerned with “bedding and fathering MANY” – you will be cut off.

You know that though. Right? And so, the tides have surely turned
From the depths of slave birthing for owner profit girthingyou have learned.

YOU are a productive parent, you love your spouse and kids.
This particular type of black familial progress, from current society, is hid.

Your community sees you and we always have.
YOU live to love, pray, protect and laugh.

YOU’ve got YOUR RIGHTS now, but still access very little.
Do not choke when it’s time to vote. Ballot-box-demand CIVIL.

My immediate concern is YOU and your historical future.
When racism cuts you deep, please know there’s a suture.

It resides in your parents hearts and in your community.
LOVE is the suture. There’s healing for us all via unity.

Lean on me. I’m pulling for YOU and today is all about such,
I’m Qui
A Black History keeper whose bonding Subjects in unity and love.

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