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I don’t need to say much – because MUCH “this woman” has done.
Oprah is a universal name under the worlds sun.

She’s a universal force pushing for YOU and pushing for the unity of all.
Oprah’s not from old money stock but a product of high conquers over low falls.

Circumstances plague us all and Oprah has had her share,
She bore a teen pregnancy, she lost it and gave no cry of “unfair.”

Her heart big with so much love to share and she shares it without stall.
Oprah has no biological children, yet she’s guilty of raising all of y’all.

Me too. I have fashioned my career after her southern boots.
We’re not biologically connected but we’ve got deep southern roots.

Big shoes. I think she wears a 10.
I’m a 7.5, a featherweight kin.

I can’t help but hype myself up and grin – Oprah encourages me to
DO WHAT I NEED TO DO to push my positive purpose through.

The love of her life… what can I say? She has married her best friend.
With the love that they carry, I’m sure that they’re married
and under God – she’s the rib of Steadman.
Historical LOVE. They’re getting it in.

Though many years after her successful begin – when Steadman arrived Oprah was still open.
It’ll happen for you too, melanin kin. Stay focused, smile and keep hopin.’
No whining or moping. 😀

Lady O has no “moping” footage to share.
Neither shall you – now that you know we care.

Oprah is at the forefront of your Black History hood.
Successful black folks are synonymous with doing good.

The “everyday black folk” look up to those and mimic the actions.
I should know, I’m everyday folk and digging positive impressions is my passion.

Oprah had a rough start in the world.
Born in the south, black and a girl

but that never stopped her and your hurdles should not ever stop you!
I’m Qui
looking up to acknowledging Our LOVE for you, Lady O, and all that you do.

In the blogosphere world, I strive to dub as Oprah deux. 😀

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