Key BLACK HISTORY Subjects: Dr. Umar & Us

In Communication, Griot, News, Politics, Self Improvement, TV Shows on February 10, 2016 at 9:01 am

I’d not ever heard of Dr. Umar until I took a closer look
at an un-LIKED video post from a kinfolks page on Facebook.

The post wasn’t even new when I LIKED it, in fact it was 8-hours old.
It wasn’t nonsense trash or something to make folks laugh but #LegacyGold.

The game,” we say, “is to be sold and not told.”
Thank God for Dr. Umar because the lack-of-sale is getting old.

Sometimes the people need to be told HOW IT ALL STARTED and HOW TO CATCH UP.
To replenish stocks of deficiency including COMMUNITY UNITY and SELF LOVE.

Good Twin – Bad Twin TV supplied the view.
I was taken and impressed – I had to share it with you.


Knowledge is good for the soul
Chicken soup is great – if you have a cold.

Now that’s good game that could have been sold.
But if folk ain’t comprehending – it all gets old.

Don’t get old. Be DIRECT and use no weak CABLES.
Don’t be a smaller version of you when living large is on the table. 😀

Get your savings on and do it for your future.
Poverty plagues our community, but #Knowledge is the suture.

Dr. Umar is on display and he’s talking to Us.
I’m Qui
On Black History Subjects – the LIFT therein deserves a )))HUG(((


  1. […] is a great foundation on which to stand, please tell me you still kick it with Dr. Umar, […]

  2. […] is a great foundation on which to stand, please tell me that you still kick it with Dr. Umar, […]

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